Where has winter gone!?

This morning, I altered one of the outside lights, which since the building of the \’zona de ropa\’ was shining on the roof instead of under it, unfortunately it still isn\’t right, I will have to wire in some extra lights.

It has been boiling hot today, and I was non to pleased when the workmen went off for breakfast, for me to find Pépe missing again, they had not closed off the work site, despite me having spoken to them first thing, after last nights adventure, Marcela eventually tracked Pépe down, two fincas away! I blew my stack and threatened to throw them off site, fortunately enough work has been done that it would not have been a problem had I done so. John was with the men, and values his reputation, so words were had.

During this time the stainless steel worktop bod, and the assistant from the kitchen shop had arrived, and were looking at the rusting worktop. Therefore as you can imagine, I was by this time, in no mood for excuses, and told them so. It was finally agreed, that another member of the stainless steel team would come out this afternoon, and \’sand\’ the entire top, so it would be like new, if there were any further problems, it would be taken out and replaced with some other form of worktop under the warranty.

Then I turned to spraying, first all the wood supporting the \’zona de ropa\’ and then the workshop, this was to protect the wood from termites, and other wood eating insects. Once that had dried, and in this weather it didn\’t take long, I started on the workshop wood ceiling again, but this time with stain, unfortunately I only had enough to do half the roof.



 It took most of the afternoon, so I am not looking forward to part 2, and then of course I have the zona de ropa to stain as well… Oh joy of joys! unfortunately there is no quick way of doing this, only with a brush.

Marcela received a call from Hernan, to say the clutch was done, but the other noise I could hear when turning on full lock, was a problem for the future (bearings), but I rather have it all sorted now, so we will be arranging collection tomorrow afternoon.

Then I set off on the bike to the cash-point, for some reason the workmen want paying again, just because it is the week-end! I also needed money to pay Hernan, fortunately there is one, about ten minutes away on the motorway, so I was soon there and back, by which time the lad had arrived to sand the stainless steel worktop, and I have to admit, it now looks very nice, but  they know the score if there are any further problems.

Tomorrow morning Mauricio the neighbours Mayordomo, is due to chop pàrt of one of the Mango trees down, because it is growing into the kiosk/pergola, which I am hoping to have re-roofed shortly.

Another day passes!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

2 thoughts on “Where has winter gone!?

  1. Where has Winter gone ?…………come to the UK ….its snow and ice today……looking out the sledges for you and Marcela! See you both soon! xx


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