Enforced Rest

Yesterday, I managed to finish cleaning the tiles, although by the end, I was suffering, I have lost a lot of feeling in my right arm, I cant grip, or lift anything heavier than a plate, I have permanent pins and needles in my hand, and up my arm to my shoulder. There is noContinue reading “Enforced Rest”

Getting There!

I was hoping to be able to say that all would be finished in the Drying area by tomorrow, but circumstances beyond my control  have put paid to that. Oscar had finished all but a few cuts in the tiling on Thursday, I was really pleased with it, even though progress was slow. Oscar decidedContinue reading “Getting There!”

Where has winter gone!?

This morning, I altered one of the outside lights, which since the building of the \’zona de ropa\’ was shining on the roof instead of under it, unfortunately it still isn\’t right, I will have to wire in some extra lights. It has been boiling hot today, and I was non to pleased when theContinue reading “Where has winter gone!?”