Guatape, Antioquia

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Photo or Video?

I want to try and show a bit more of Colombia, and it isn’t always ideal to just publish photos, I would do, as many do, and take video using a drone, but, I have had at least four, and either crashed them, or watched them disappear into the sunset! I follow Casey LaDelle on…

All Change

Tuesday was a day of appointments, firstly I had an Orthopaedic review with the Specialist, I had always had respect for, he had been looking at the possibility of surgery for my right knee, however it appears that the Government changes here, have begun filtering down before they have even been officially introduced. The Doctor…

A mixed Bag!

It has been a week of small instances, some annoying some uplifting, but nothing of significance. It started with the Mayordomo, stopping me on my morning walk, to say that the timber was ready for collection, it had been delayed due to a few days non stop rain, which wasn’t a problem, as I was…

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