Guatape, Antioquia

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History Repeating Itself?

July 20th was Colombian Independence Day, yet another Public Holiday in the Colombian Calendar. Our contribution, did not go unnoticed! Albeit I am having to source a smaller England Flag, to match the Colombian one, it didn’t matter at our last house, but here the wind took the flag up onto the razor wire, andContinue reading “History Repeating Itself?”

No Peace for the Wicked

This exercise lark is no laughing matter, it was never one of my favourite pass-times, even less so now, but I have started doing my daily exercises on the static bicycle, I am only doing ten minutes a day, eventually I will extend that… a little! I went back again for my Vertigo therapy onContinue reading “No Peace for the Wicked”


On Tuesday, we started by going for my weekly Vertigo therapy, and as I haven’t had an episode since my previous appointment two weeks before, it appears to be working, I was hoping she might cut me loose, but not a bit of it, she has given me more exercises, which are even harder toContinue reading “Surprises!”

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