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Getting there!

It’s been a hectic week, last Monday, Marcela was able to get me a private appointment with the Vertigo Therapist I saw last year, for the following day, and also because there seem to be no appointments to see the Family Doctor, we by-passed him, and managed to get an appointment to see an Internist,Continue reading “Getting there!”

The Good and the Bad!

It’s been a busy week, with more Medical appointments along the way. On a bright note, my knee is now pain free, which is great, on a more worrying note, the pain in my hip, following the rough treatment by the knee Doc, continues, it certainly isn’t as bad as before the surgery, but theContinue reading “The Good and the Bad!”

I’m not Sorry!

I came on to the site, and saw the last date of Posting, and immediately went to apologise…Again!!! and thought, no I’m fed up of apologising, it’s just been a hectic three weeks, with computer problems as well, I’m afraid the Blog took second place. Firstly the Balcony, Oscar and his crew took a breakContinue reading “I’m not Sorry!”

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