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I seem to have lost track on what has been happening this last week! Pepe has been an absolute Star, Tuesday he had to go for an ultrasound to see the current state of his liver, and for blood tests, prior to starting the Chemotherapy. As usual, he didn’t like being put on his back,Continue reading “Pepé”

Another busy few days

The weather constantly changing, has left me with a cold, but I won’t complain, I’ve heard all the jokes! Most days it is a lot warmer, but we are still getting a fair amount of rain, apparently the ‘Experts’ are predicting that we will have 25% more than usual December and January, and 60% moreContinue reading “Another busy few days”

Warming up!

Maybe the weather is just teasing us, but over the last few days, it has definitely being getting warmer, yes, we are still having tropical storms, roads are collapsing, landslides destroying family houses, but at the same time the cold weather we have been having, has disappeared… for now. I managed to get my hedgesContinue reading “Warming up!”

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