More ups and downs

I was shattered before I started, I am not sleeping well at the moment, and I don\’t know why. I finally got up with Pépe at 6am, had my shower, whilst doping that, Pépe woke Marcela, who had not had a good night herself. We arrived at the Medical Centre on time, and saw myContinue reading “More ups and downs”

Workshop nearly there.

We went out for a meal last night, and tried somewhere new, \’Mi Gallo Tuerto\’, it is on the Autopista, and we have to pass it every time we return home, the aromas have always been great, so we gave it a go. The it is worthy of a write up under the Restaurant page,Continue reading “Workshop nearly there.”

Water runs Dry!

I have to say, that now John has had the bulk of his money, his reliability has gone down the drain, he didn\’t turn up as promised yesterday afternoon, and he didn\’t come today, saying it was too hot to work in the garden! It was probably just as well, because I am still readyContinue reading “Water runs Dry!”

Where has winter gone!?

This morning, I altered one of the outside lights, which since the building of the \’zona de ropa\’ was shining on the roof instead of under it, unfortunately it still isn\’t right, I will have to wire in some extra lights. It has been boiling hot today, and I was non to pleased when theContinue reading “Where has winter gone!?”

Another fun filled day

This morning I was determined that I would get my Voip phone working again, and after about two hours messing, it suddenly registered, no idea how, or why there was a problem, I certainly can\’t take the credit for it, however before it went pear shaped again, I rang my Aunt in the south ofContinue reading “Another fun filled day”

I\’m Buggered!!!

What a day… Marcela left early, to attend to bits and pieces, before the important appointment… her nails! and then handing in the key to the apartment. I was left with Pépe, and the workmen. A lorry arrived to take away our rubbish, and at the same time Mauricio (the Mayordomo) arrived from the estateContinue reading “I\’m Buggered!!!”