Marcela’s Turn!

A week ago yesterday, I had to go back to the Dentist for a clean, and had managed to get Marcela her first appointment since the start of the Pandemic, I got away with a light scrub, Marcela wasn’t so lucky, she told the Dentist that she had had an accident a few months ago,Continue reading “Marcela’s Turn!”

Busy Week

Firstly, I finished revamping the coffee table in record time, having changed the edge of the table from a roundover to a chamfer, has made it look quite modern, surprising how little things can make such a difference, and the darker Oak colour is an improvement as well. That done it was time to getContinue reading “Busy Week”


The first order of the day is to apologise, for the standard of my Posts, I have just been reading back, to see where I am up to, and saw a number of errors, due to big fingers, which I have now corrected. I do read through my Posts, before publishing them, but obviously notContinue reading “Apologies!”

Twice in one Day!

I said I had been busy, and then realised that my last post was dragging on, so decided to make it two! Last Saturday, whilst alone, I was in bed reading, when the volume of music from somewhere nearby went through the roof, so I decided to go out and have a look, to seeContinue reading “Twice in one Day!”


It’s been a busy few days, and not with woodwork! I had another appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon regarding my knees and hips, the knees he is happy to continue the existing treatment of nerve block injections, as and when needed, but he was concerned with the deterioration in my hips, which is speeding up.Continue reading “Busy,Busy,Busy!”


If the word ‘woodworking’, bores you to tears, I would move on, it is my passion, and I am happy to sit and talk about it all day. I have been continuing work on the dog crate, with a few distractions, it appears that the finished crate will probably be donated to Pepe, sad asContinue reading “Woodworking!”

Change of Plan

We were both up early this morning, as the arrangement was that the owner of the dog Oreo, was leaving home at 7am to walk him to our house, and after a short introduction, she would leave him with us for the day. I suspected there might be a delay, as it was pouring withContinue reading “Change of Plan”


I decided that it was time for some manual labour, and the first thing on the agenda, was to stop ending up on my backside so many times when negotiating the orchard. It depresses me to watch Marcela’s business Partner working the Avocados like he is a mountain goat, and yet I struggle to getContinue reading “Ouch!”

At Last!

Monday, I started off by going down town, to buy more stain for the the bunkbed stairs, I realised the colour problem had been my fault, if I had bought what I wanted, I would have bought, Wengue, which is dark, how I mixed up Nogal, I have no idea. However this time I wentContinue reading “At Last!”


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