Tightening the Purse Strings!

Again we have had Medical appointments and this time Veterinary appointments, so work here is slow, fortunately this time the Medical appointements have been for Marcela and my Mother-in-law, not me (with the exception of my annual prostate test, which was fine), but since they were not local, and Marcela is not keen on drivingContinue reading “Tightening the Purse Strings!”


Well after having given me a heart attack, I have now paid my Income Tax for this year. Firstly the Accountant gave me a bill for $6.2 million pesos, that’s two thirds of my monthly pension, then she explained that my previous Accountant, had wrongly classed me as a salaried worker, who is entitled toContinue reading “Updates”

Catch up!

Time marches on, and to be honest there is not a lot to report, I have been busy, but with mundane domestic tasks, cutting grass and hedges, lopping down, and pruning trees, alongside a bit of woodwork. Both our boys are getting on, Pepe because of his breed, and infirmities, Tito just because he willContinue reading “Catch up!”

Finished Finally!

Yes, it’s taken more than four months but our balcony is finally finished, I can hardly believe it. We had a call from the Carpenter, to say he had finished the doors, so we contacted Pacho, who repaired our roof, and he said he would do the installation, so we put the two in touch,Continue reading “Finished Finally!”

I’m a Guinea Pig!

You might think I have gone nuts… You might be right, more later! The problem with our internet has been resolved, the problem wasn’t with the Provider it was with my cellphone, for years now I have been a Xiaomi supporter, and between Marcela and myself, I think we have had every model of XiaomiContinue reading “I’m a Guinea Pig!”

Back to Work!

Yes, I know, you haven’t noticed any difference, but this time I have an excuse, on July 8th we went on Holiday to Cartagena de Indias, for ten days, I didn’t mention it before we went, for security reasons, we left my Mother-in-law on her own, caring for the house and dogs, and there areContinue reading “Back to Work!”


If ever anything is normal, possibly the last week has been the closest for a long time. On Thursday, I had an Orthopaedic appointment, I had forgotten about, with my ‘new’ Surgeon, he replaced the one who had jumped ship, and to be honest, I was dreading it, but it turned out to be totallyContinue reading “Progress”

No Gain without Pain

I think I am probably radioactive, I’ve had so many X-rays recently, the Radiologist started putting protective coverings on me, she said she was concerned for my health, having recently also had X-rays on my hip! I’ve now had the X-rays on my spine for the Internista, which I don’t think found anything untoward, andContinue reading “No Gain without Pain”


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