My time has come!

From a go slow to full steam ahead! Last Tuesday I had a phone call asking me to attend the Clinic in Medellin to see the Anaesthetist on Thursday, regarding my forthcoming Hip replacement, nice man, and he proved we are all human, as he misread one of the blood results and thought I hadContinue reading “My time has come!”

Oh Dear!

I am beginning to wish this year were over! Hardly encouraging, when it has only just begun. I received my blood results ahead of time, and they were not good, my platelets were well below the standard and my monocytes well above, which although I always said it would not worry me…did! My father diedContinue reading “Oh Dear!”

Happy 2022

Well, it hasn’t been the sunniest of Christmas’s in terms of Health or climate, the country as a whole has been struck down with flu, mainly due to the change in climate, as Summer creeps in late. Our family was no exception, Marcela thinks my Brother-in-law brought it here, he then left on 27th, toContinue reading “Happy 2022”

Happy Christmas

Disappointingly, we still haven’t had authorisation for my hip surgery from SURA, my Health are Provider, but we wait in hope. Marcela with much perseverance, has organised a Company who will come and look at the Solar system, and see what can be done, they will contact us on January 10th… So we will seeContinue reading “Happy Christmas”

Preparing for the Unknown

Yet again things are moving at a pace. Last week, I went to see the Pain Specialist, sadly it appears that she is moving on, and I will have to start again with someone different. She didn’t tell us herself, although she dropped hints, we were told by her Secretary after the appointment. However, sheContinue reading “Preparing for the Unknown”


There seems to be positive progress on all fronts, which makes a change. Shortly after finishing my last post, I received a phone call from the Clinic, the process for Hip Surgery, is obviously not a short one, from what was said, it appears that I passed the paper sifting stage, and I have toContinue reading “Progress!”

Still in Limbo

Marcela contacted the Clinic responsible for deciding if they will operate on my hip on Monday, they said the Meeting had, for some unknown reason, been delaid and was due to be held that day, with the Pacients informed of their decisions by the end of this week, so we live in hope, but areContinue reading “Still in Limbo”


To say that I am frustrated by the restrictions I am under is an understatement, if I am hobbling around the house I can use my walking stick, likewise when we go shopping, we park across the road from the Supermarket, I tried using my zimmer, but then, all I could do was watch whilstContinue reading “Hopefully!”

I’ll Know Soon

Last week we went to El Santuario to collect some packages from Jaime’s house, and on leaving the car park, I stepped on uneven ground, and my hip went, Marcela went on alone, and I waited in the car. As a result, on our following trip to Rionegro, we went to an Orthopaedic Supplier, andContinue reading “I’ll Know Soon”

Life Goes On

Over the last three weeks, my right hip and right knee have slowly been getting worse, if I leave the house, I can’t go anywhere without a stick, and then I have to be careful, if I am not walking on level ground, because my hip wants to take me in one direction, but myContinue reading “Life Goes On”


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