History Repeating Itself?

July 20th was Colombian Independence Day, yet another Public Holiday in the Colombian Calendar. Our contribution, did not go unnoticed! Albeit I am having to source a smaller England Flag, to match the Colombian one, it didn’t matter at our last house, but here the wind took the flag up onto the razor wire, andContinue reading “History Repeating Itself?”


On Tuesday, we started by going for my weekly Vertigo therapy, and as I haven’t had an episode since my previous appointment two weeks before, it appears to be working, I was hoping she might cut me loose, but not a bit of it, she has given me more exercises, which are even harder toContinue reading “Surprises!”


I had my appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon on July 1st, in the hope he would be able to sort out my knees, but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen, the problem isn’t the bones, apparently I have advanced Artrosis, which is irreversible, and therefore they can only help by Pain Management, which I amContinue reading “Disappointed!”

Solar System Installed

It’s been an interesting, sometimes frustrating week, which has resulted in me being housebound, fortunately this time not for health reasons, but I have been limited in what I could do. I forgot to mention in previous posts, that we have an unwanted lodger, it has been running around in the roof for weeks, ourContinue reading “Solar System Installed”

Caught up!

We are nearly up to date, and as this is more of a Diary for me and my Family, I can’t promise that there will be regular updates, therefore if you subscribe, you will be informed when I put finger to Keyboard! Yep, I’m certainly no typist… Having completed the bulk of the Bunkbed project,Continue reading “Caught up!”

Catch Up…. Part 2

I guess this revolves around my health, I seem to have been spending nearly as much time with Doctors, as I have at home, and that continues for the forseeable future. I had the nerve pain block injections in both knees, and they worked, thank goodness, I have found that they don’t help me walkContinue reading “Catch Up…. Part 2”

Catch Up… Part 1

When I left, I was in the process of building a double, double bunkbed, and it went well, the hardest part was carrying all the parts into the house, as I had no option but to fully assemble it in situ, which was no mean feat, as these photos show. Although the bed is rustic,Continue reading “Catch Up… Part 1”

Thank You!

 I have looked at various ways of updating the Blog to make it function, I have also looked at alternatives to Blogger, and to be honest they don\’t work for me. I have therefore decided that after nine and a half years it is time to hang up my Blog once and for all. ThanksContinue reading “Thank You!”


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