Back to normality…for Today!

Just in passing, an update on Pepe, Marcela had appointments yesterday and today, so she has done the hospital visit whilst out, I will visit tomorrow, and hopefully Pepe will come home Saturday. I am informed that he is doing great, the Vet has said that, he is a strong brave dog, which we alreadyContinue reading “Back to normality…for Today!”

Getting There!

It\’s been a hectic couple of weeks!  I took Pepe to see a Specialist last week regarding his hip, I seriously thought it was time for surgery. We had to go to Rio Negro, which I was dreading, as it is suffering the most cases of Covid 19 in our area, but it had toContinue reading “Getting There!”

Bad Luck Seems to be Following Us!

Sunday, we were stuck on the mountain in the morning, because it was the \’Tour of Colombia\’ Cycling Event, so the Motorway was closed until mid day, not that we had intended to go out, but I still wish that they could find another route, that did not close of access to half the countryContinue reading “Bad Luck Seems to be Following Us!”

It took a day or two!

It has been a couple of days of ups and downs, it started with the downs, because Tito didn\’t want anything to do with Pépe, and was very jealous, if Pépe came anywhere near us, he went for him, and likewise feeding time, poor old Pépe didn\’t stand a chance! By Friday things were gettingContinue reading “It took a day or two!”

One Smart Boy!

Pépe had the best haircut he has ever had, and was as good as gold, thank goodness we decided to stick with the second peluqueria! Guapo! They took over two hours, and rang us when he was ready. After collecting him, I hitched up the trailer and went off to the other side of MedellinContinue reading “One Smart Boy!”