History Repeating Itself?

July 20th was Colombian Independence Day, yet another Public Holiday in the Colombian Calendar.

Our contribution, did not go unnoticed! Albeit I am having to source a smaller England Flag, to match the Colombian one, it didn’t matter at our last house, but here the wind took the flag up onto the razor wire, and was a bugger to disentangle!

I have had the wildlife camera out in the orchard again, and other than catching myself

There was nothing to see, I think because I have had it placed further up the orchard, the wind in the trees kept activating it, so now it is further down the mountain, hopefully away from the worst of the wind.

I have done the damp proofing in the bedroom wall, I am supposed to leave it to activate and dry out for seven days, so it will be the middle of next week, before I can seal up the holes, paint it and reinstall shelves.

I have made new shelves to fit in the wardrobe, I had a load of MDF left over from my shelf building in the Pantry, it was a good excuse to use some, I have sealed it with a varnish wash, which will hopefully stop it from warping.

Unfortunately I haven’t got round to doing anything with the plywood, for the bunkbed stairs, I have changed the design again, so will need to go and buy some treated timber to act as framing, maybe next week.

As the title may suggest, it looks like the problems we anticipated with our new neighbours are coming to fruition, they moved in to the new build as Renters less than a month ago, and think they are Lords of the Manor, we had a confrontation with them when they first did a site visit with the Owner, they demanded we move our septic tank, which is alongside the boundary fence, and had been there some time, I refused, they are supposed to build not less than five meters from the boundary, but the owner had marked out a meter, because it is the only flat spot available, without expensive earth moving, after we objected, the boundary was moved to two meters, big deal, with the roof overhang it is back to one meter.

We came to a compromise, and ran the air pipe from the septic, further down our land, at their expense. At that time I was fuming, they hadn’t even built, and the Renters were dictating what the Neighbours would do, so I stated, just to wind them up, that I had a project lined up to have a few pigs, at which the man, who I believe is a retired Doctor, blew a fuse, and said I couldn’t, they were smelly, I told him, that we are on a working finca and would do as we wished.

I then vowed that I would never speak to either of them again, and I haven’t, but it seems that isn’t good enough for them, they tried bad mouthing me to another Neighbour earlier this week, saying I had told workmen to stop using a plate vibrator to flatten some second hand tarmac the owner had laid down the driveway. When in fact, I had spoken to the Labourer, and asked him to be careful when up against, ‘Our’ boundary wall, because if it cracked, they would have to pay for the repair, he had assured me there wouldn’t be any problem, and that was the case. Fortunately the said neighbour, had been present at that conversation, and put them right, which gave them the huff.

Yesterday, I had to have a fire to burn rubbish, I had put it off as long as possible, but either the new neighbours had been home, or I had been out, it had to be done. The fire pit is alongside their house, and has been there since shortly after we moved here, they knew that, but they decided this was their chance, and husband drove up the drive, stopped alongside Marcela, and started being abusive towards me, much to his amazement she gave back as good as she took, by the time I was on scene, he had driven off, leaving Marcela in mid sentence.

Not prepared to take what he said, Marcela rang the Landlord, and he said he would come down, later yesterday, which he did, I accepted that there was some rubbish that shouldn’t have been on the fire, and explained that as much as possible, I tried to have the fires when they were out, and that would continue, I would also be more careful as to what went on the fire. However despite the demands of the Tenant I wasn’t moving the site, as the only alternative, would have blown directly into their house, and it was the house causing the problem, because prior to it being built, the wind had taken the smoke in the opposite direction.

As I have told the Landlord previously, I have no intention of talking with his Tenant, any problem will still go via him, and sent a message, that if he was ever abusive to Marcela again, or I found out that he or his wife had made any more false accusations, I would ask my Solicitor to make it official with the authorities, and also would go ahead with the Pig project, just to spite him.

Having left to see his Tenant, the Landlord rang us back later to say the other Party were satisfied with the outcome, I doubt they were, but it was probably explained to him, that he is playing with fire, the Landlord knows from many convivial conversations we have had over the months he has been building the place, that I will take no messing from anyone.

Hopefully that is the end of the matter, but I sincerely doubt it, I had better start reading up on pig husbandry!

It was such a lovely day yesterday, Marcela asked me to do some fruit picking, for donations to Neighbours… NO not those neighbours!

So between avocados and mini bananas, the neighbours are all (well nearly all!) happy!

Today, we have been out to do the food shopping, and tomorrow is cleaning day, so I do not anticipate much to report.

No Peace for the Wicked

This exercise lark is no laughing matter, it was never one of my favourite pass-times, even less so now, but I have started doing my daily exercises on the static bicycle, I am only doing ten minutes a day, eventually I will extend that… a little!

I went back again for my Vertigo therapy on Tuesday, she gave me even more exercises, and had me doing them in the Consulting room, unfortunately there were repercussions, that afternoon, I was in agony, and my knees had swollen up like footballs, Marcela mixed up some Epsom Salts, and soaks the knees, which eventually went down, it may be the case that these exercises wont work for me, simply because of my knees, but I will keep trying them, and see what happens.

At home, Marcela called me the other day, because she had found that the wardrobe in the guest bedroom was wringing wet, we pulled everything out, and unfortunately a lot of bedding was effected by mould, and has had to be thrown out. I took the cover of the ventilation tube I installed last year, but it was bone dry. The shelf in question was wet on top and underneath, it was one I had installed last year, plywood with a spray coating, I don’t think that is the problem, as my desk is made from it, and there is no problem there.

The likely culprit is rising damp in the wall, I thought I could get this sorted, as I had a container of damp proofing liquid you inject into the walls, but on reading it closely, there is an expiry date, and mine expired in 2019, I bought it for a similar problem at our house in Copacabana, but never used it, that was an expensive waste. Now I will have to buy more, tomorrow, if I can source it.

I ripped out the bottom of the wardrobe, and found that like everything else in the house, they were built out of scrap. The original owner, Don Carlos, had this and a neighbour’s house built, and then flipped them, we bought this, from the first buyer, Carlos supposedly a ‘Man of God’, that’s a joke, he should be strung up!

Everything was held together with these tiny angle brackets, which was nothing short of a joke, so maybe this has done me a favour, I will rebuild the bottom of the wardrobe, then in the future, have a look at the one in my room, which is identical.

I could have done without this problem, at the moment

My plywood arrived this morning, you wouldn’t think it at the moment, but hopefully, these four sheets of ply, will turn into a staircase for the bunk-beds, in the not too distant future!

We are trying to get hold of the owner of the land adjoining us, he built a new house, like many here, without permission, and the tenants are in, I have nothing to do with them, apparently he, is a Doctor, probably retired, but I am not sure. However they don’t have a ‘grease trap’ their grey waste water is piped straight into the field, and at the moment let loose into the soil alongside our boundary, we confirmed with Marcela’s Associate in the Avocado business, and that water will poison our trees in time, so something must be done, if he won’t, then we will have no option but to make it official, hopefully he will put in a grease trap, or re-route the water, that’s his problem, as long as it doesn’t effect us.

Today my Mother-in-law arrived (Marcela fetched her) for a month, fortunately we get on well, so there shouldn’t be any problem, I think this is a test run, for what might well end up being a permanent arrangement in the future, she stays in the Cabaña / Apartment, so we all still have our privacy, spending time and eating together during the day. We’ll see how it goes!


On Tuesday, we started by going for my weekly Vertigo therapy, and as I haven’t had an episode since my previous appointment two weeks before, it appears to be working, I was hoping she might cut me loose, but not a bit of it, she has given me more exercises, which are even harder to complete!

Following on from that appointment we went to Comfama which is a big Family Park, they are associated with SURA, our Health Care Provider, and where the Drive-In Vaccinations are now taking place. The appointment was at 11.30am, but it was 12.25pm before Marcela had her vaccination, thank goodness we were waiting in the car. As Marcela anticipated, she had the Sinovac vaccine, which wasn’t what she hoped for, but at least she has protection, and her second shot will be in the first week of August.

Wednesday, Jaime arrived with his Crew, and started stripping our roof, looking for the cause of the nightly noise. They firstly found a family of birds, and moved the nest with fledglings into a tree down the garden, there was also bat faeces, but no sign of the bats. Suddenly, one of the Crew shouted out, and all three of them backed off, they had come face to face with a Chucha, or as you will know it a Possum, baring it’s teeth, no way were they going to try moving it, so they found a baton, and dispatched it.

Then disposed of it, well out of reach of Pepe. The roof was then sprayed with poison, and sponges soaked in peppermint oil, following on from that, the tiles were relaid, and cement used to block all accesses…we hope!

Yesterday, I went down the Orchard, and retrieved the wildlife camera, after downloading all the files, I started checking through them, but only came up with this little fella, a red squirrel.

The camera is now back down in the orchard, and hopefully something else will come along!

In the afternoon, we had a call to say my Static Bike had arrived at Jaime’s, so we jumped in the car and fetched it, no one to sit around, I then assembled it. I had been told to buy one by the Orthopaedic Surgeon, to help my knees, but 20 seconds later, I was in agony. It didn’t seem such a good idea, not that it seemed one before, I could think of plenty of tools I could have bought with the same money! However this morning, I tried again, this time releasing all the tension first, and I did ten minutes, before my hip started playing up, so I will build up slowly, if I don’t lose interest altogether.

That’s it for today, time to put my feet up.


I had my appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon on July 1st, in the hope he would be able to sort out my knees, but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen, the problem isn’t the bones, apparently I have advanced Artrosis, which is irreversible, and therefore they can only help by Pain Management, which I am already receiving.

I had the nerve block injections, in both knees, and it certainly helps, but I am still limited in how far I can walk, and my hopes of running a marathon, have now vanished! I already have knee braces, but they don’t work for me, so I am buying what are referred to as knee sleeves, and see if they will help, there seem to be mixed reviews, I guess it depends on the individual problem, so I will just have to wait.

As regards my hip, the Surgeon, stated, he didn’t want to operate on that, until I couldn’t bear to walk on it at all, the reason being, prosthetic hips also have a limited life span, which I understand, therefore operating now, may leave me in a wheelchair later, again I understand that, but with our family history, that’s unlikely to be a factor… So for now, it’s grin and bear it.

With regard to the Solar System, we have been having teething problems, and it appears the problems are ours, because we don’t understand the system, which is true. I have a shower every night before going to bed, and at that time the system is obviously running on battery only, immediately after my shower, a red warning light entitled ‘Wiring Fault’ (In English) has been coming on, and as the Engineer did when here, we have been turning it off, and rebooting, but we don’t want to be doing that every night, it will also be a problem when we eventually go on holiday, and family come to look after the Dogs.

Marcela messaged the Engineer each time, but we never got an explanation that made sense, so yesterday, I sent a long message explaining the situation, saying that I now regretted the investment. A while later we received a lengthy reply, in which a full explanation was given, it turns out, that a ‘Wiring Fault’ is not a wiring fault at all, it is a warning light, to say that we are drawing too much power for the batteries to supply us, and therefore it has switched to Mains power, and will switch back, and the light reset to battery power, once we stop using whatever is causing the alert. If that is the case, great! why that wasn’t explained earlier I don’t know, but I’m glad we now know, and we will archive that conversation just in case, it turns out to be a problem later, but for now everything is working fine.

On Saturday, we had some good news, or at least I thought it was, Marcela is now on the active list to have her Covid vaccination, and she has an appointment for a ‘Drive-in’ jab tomorrow morning. However she didn’t seem happy, so I asked why, and she believes that she will be receiving the Sinovac vaccine, which many Countries have yet to accept. I told her that as we have no intention of holidaying abroad in the near future, to accept it, and get some protection, and once the vaccination program is complete, she can choose which vaccine she has in future, even if we have to pay.

This morning Marcela was looking a little happier, she read that the EU was looking at accepting Sinovac, during the coming week, I hope that is the case, then I will have a happier Wife, let’s wait and see.

We still have our Lodger in the roof, Jaime said he was coming today, to do the work to remove and stop it, however, it’s a Religious National Holiday today, it’s already 10.15am, and no sign of him, so I am assuming something else has cropped up, albeit we haven’t heard from him. I don’t think there is time to complete the work now, but we wait and hope.

Solar System Installed

It’s been an interesting, sometimes frustrating week, which has resulted in me being housebound, fortunately this time not for health reasons, but I have been limited in what I could do.

I forgot to mention in previous posts, that we have an unwanted lodger, it has been running around in the roof for weeks, our roof here consists of Spanish tiles, sitting on timber 1/4″ planks, with a black tar paper in between, from all the scratching, my concern is that whatever it might be is damaging the tar paper and rain will damage the roof timbers.

Our friend and contractor, Jaime has been out, and he and Marcela believe it is bats, but I am not convinced, because at night they normally roost, and from the sounds, I believe there is only one animal, and it can move fast between the tiles and roof. It’s driving me nuts. Anyway last week, we believe we found the entrance

where Jaime removed the tiles and replaced the tar paper from an earlier leak, there is cement missing, and access for anything smaller than an elephant, which leaves a lot of options. Whatever it is has enough strength to move tiles.

The plan is for Jaime and his team, to come, strip the roof of all the tiles, clean any animal waste, repair any damage, cover the roof in poison, and also pads filled with peppermint oil, and then replace the tiles. Unfortunately shortly after that decision was made, Jaime was taken ill, at one point he had to have a Covid test, which fortunately was negative, now we wait until he can slot us in.

Last week we received a phone call to say that the Solar Team would be coming to start work on Saturday, and the installation should be complete in two days!
Saturday arrived and so did they, the Engineer along with an Assistant, who was given the title of Technician, albeit his real title was Odd-Job, I’m not decrying his work, as he did a good job whilst here, but it was an odd set-up.

The Engineer had come up the day before on Public Transport from Bogota, stayed in a Hotel in Medellin and teamed up with the local ‘Technician’ who provided transport and muscle power.

On their arrival, the equipment was unloaded, and I immediately noticed there were no energy storage batteries, I asked the question a couple of times, but received no reply.

The first job was the installation of the panels, we had chosen the Cabaña / apartment as the site, but after a few minutes Marcela called me, the Engineer was asking if they could use the carport roof instead, as our tiles were fragile… yep, you’re right he was breaking them, considering I had seen photos of their installations, and he had said it wouldn’t be a problem, this surprised me. When Jaime works on the roof he removes the tiles as he goes clearing a pathway, this Bloke was walking across them, in the process he had broken a couple, fortunately I have a supply of spares, and he later replaced them.

Work commenced in earnest, but it wasn’t a fast process, as the panels had to be adjusted to receive sufficient sun to provide the correct voltage.

Sunday, they were back, but had come on a Scooter, so Marcela and I were naturally concerned, as there were still no batteries.

They installed the Invertor which I decided to put in the washing area, as it is undercover and out of plain sight.

Apparently this is the most expensive part of the whole system, as it is the brains! While this was going on Marcela found out the truth about the batteries, when the Engineer arrived at the Hotel in Medellin, he asked the Staff if he could charge the batteries, and they said they would be secure in the Hotel car park, to be honest… this is Colombia! anyway when he came back for them, they had gone, and no one was very helpful, making it look as if Hotel Staff were behind the theft. As a result he had to source more special batteries.

Due to the delay, whilst he had tried to find the batteries, work did not move forward as hoped, and the Assistant left mid day, because he wanted a beer! The Engineer finished about 7pm, and decided to find a Hotel locally, and go back to Medellin early Monday to collect the batteries.

So I gave him a lift down to town, on my way back, I was approaching the turn to our lane, and as always I gave plenty of indication, because the turn is just after a blind bend, I stopped for a stream of oncoming traffic, the Taxi behind me stopped, then a few seconds later I heard the crash, and a motorcycle came sliding down the road past me, followed by the Rider, he had hit the back of the Taxi!

I knew I had to stay put for Transito (local Traffic Police), so I went and put warning triangles out so there wasn’t a pile up, then phoned Marcela, to let her know I would be late.

I then turned my attention to the Motorcyclist, fortunately unlike many, he had a leather riding jacket, but although he had denim jeans, he had these fashion ones full of holes, so he did have scrapes to his legs, and a sore wrist, he said a passing motorcyclist had gone over his leg, whether it did or not, I don’t know, no one else saw it. However he was more shaken up by the experience than injured.

There were a lot of people standing around with phones out, so I think we all thought someone had called for Transito, it turned out they hadn’t.

I then saw Marcela appearing out of the gloom, trotting at a fair lick, by the light of her cellphone, she hadn’t even stopped to pick up a torch, bless her! She like me, was worried, because Transito have a reputation for pinning the blame on a Foreigner if one is involved, whether they are at fault or not, however we have a forward facing camera in the car, so I could have used that in my defence.

It was pointed out to the Motorcyclist that he was at fault, and he accepted that, he offered to pay for the damage to the Taxi, and everyone was ‘happy’, 8it turned out that the bike, other than missing a couple of lights, was still rideable, so we all went on our way.

Monday came, we had a call from the Engineer to say, he had the new batteries which were charging in a secure location, whilst waiting, he had gone to talk to the Service Provider, to see what was locally required to connect to their lines, he asked if we could get hold of our Electrician to be at the house at 2pm for an onsite meeting, to establish what cables went where.

Marcela spoke with our Electrician Hugo, who said he would do his best to be here, and bless him, he arrived on time and before the Engineer, who arrived ten minutes later, in a Taxi with the batteries in the back.

The two of then spent hours trying to get the equipment to connect and work, it turned out that the problem was that from the meter in the street, they ran 220v via two cables to the house, and the fuse boxes of which there are three, one in each building all had 220v entering them, but then ran a 110v system, after they had that figured, the Engineer carried on with his work, whilst Hugo drew up a wiring diagram, which would have to be then drawn up on CAD for submission to our supplier.

Hugo eventually left, with our thanks, he said out of the hearing of the Engineer, that if the problems to continued the following day, to give him a call, he gave the Engineer a lift down town to a Hotel, again. Not the one we had recommended as he thought that was too expensive, we thought so to when he told us the price.

Yesterday, I had to go into town early, so I picked up the Engineer, firstly after buying come cable, we went for breakfast, Marcela and I were both concerned because he was like a stick insect, and even though she had prepared meals for him, he never seemed to clear his plate, he was hyper, and work obsessed, he had a breakfast, then it was back home for work.

To move things along a bit, I helped with the cabling, and clearing up, by mid afternoon, the work was done to the Engineers satisfaction, he tried to explain everything to us, but t5o be honest a lot of it was technical, and went straight over our heads, it is going to take a while, before we master how the system works, but hopefully it will be a worthwhile investment… Now we need a powercut, and you can bet it will be weeks before we get one!

Caught up!

We are nearly up to date, and as this is more of a Diary for me and my Family, I can’t promise that there will be regular updates, therefore if you subscribe, you will be informed when I put finger to Keyboard! Yep, I’m certainly no typist…

Having completed the bulk of the Bunkbed project, I have been looking for those little jobs that need doing, just to keep me occupied, before starting on the stairs.

One of those jobs, was what I would call an improvement, rather than a necessity, and that was to replace some of our ‘new’ electric sockets, with sockets, incorporating USB power, for using and charging those gadgets that run out of battery just when you need them most, and haven’t got a charger handy.

I have put them in the spare bedrooms (not ours, because our socket is behind the bed, and we use short extension leads), the lounge, workshop, office, and the outside covered sitting area, now I just have to go round and touch up around the sockets, either just with paint, as in this example, or a bit of filler, then they are done. Woodwork, Electricity, Plumbing, no problem, I’ll give it a go, but never ask me to play with gas, if you can’t see or smell it, I won’t touch it!

We have decided to make an investment, we are absolutely fed up with the service given by our Energy Supplier, EPM which has a monopoly. We think the infrastructure for this area is ‘End of Life’, and is constantly breaking down, whether there is a storm or not, we get power cuts nearly on a weekly basis, these can vary from minutes to 36 hours.

A Neighbour gave us the phone number of the local Engineer for the Company, he would be sacked, if he worked anywhere but here. If Marcela phones him, to try and hurry things along, he will say he is not coming out until the rain stops, or until he’s had his breakfast, or it’s too dark to find the fault, wait until daylight.

We’ve had enough, we are installing a Solar Energy system, which we are assured will provide more than enough for our needs, except possibly when I am working on a big project in the workshop, there will be battery back-up for night time, and what power we don’t use will go back into the Grid, and they will pay us for that unused electric.

Hopefully it will be installed next week, the only hiccup so far has been over the payment, it’s no ones fault, it’s just the way things work in Colombia, the Banks cause so many problems for Companies, that they will go out of their way not to use certain high-street names, and ask Clients to pay direct to personal accounts, which we are not happy about. No disrespect, but we don’t know those Individuals, and for us it’s a big investment. So it has been decided that we are going to pay cash, into the one Bank, the Company is registered with, that way we know it’s gone to the Company, and at the same time, because it’s not our Bank, we won’t get hammered for transfer charges.

If this and the installation all goes smoothly, I will put details of the Company on here, but I can’t recommend them until then, I would hate anyone to have a bad experience, on my say so!

This afternoon, I am off yet again to Rionegro for more Vertigo tests, I was at a different Clinic yesterday for therapy, today the session takes up to an hour, and apparently I might be throwing up, which will be interesting, and those of you who know me, noisy! so I have to have an early lunch, and hope for the best, I will take a change of clothes just in case.

OK, time for me to tidy up, and get ready for an early lunch.

Catch Up…. Part 2

I guess this revolves around my health, I seem to have been spending nearly as much time with Doctors, as I have at home, and that continues for the forseeable future.

I had the nerve pain block injections in both knees, and they worked, thank goodness, I have found that they don’t help me walk any further, but during the day I am relatively pain free, as long as I don’t try to overdo it, and that is certainly a bonus.

The MRI scan on both knees has been done, here, they give you the scan on a CD along with the written report, to take to the Specialist, so obviously we have have a sneak peak, looking as the CD meant absolutely nothing, as we haven’t a clue what to look for, but the written report, is far from encouraging, and whether the Surgeon will have enough material to work with is debateable, however until I see him on July 1st, I am just keeping my fingers crossed.

Then there is the Vertigo, unfortunately episodes of that, are becoming more frequent, I am going for therapy every week, initially the Doctor thought the vertigo had passed because she couldn’t initiate an episode, and my problem was just with equilibrium or balance, but after my first appointment they started again, and now my therapy has changed gear, to treating the vertigo.

Apparently I have, Positional Vertigo, which she has explained and shown me videos on Youtube to help, is as a result of calcium crystals, which are in a tube in the ear, and should be stuck in one place, in my case have come loose, and when they move, this causes everything to spin uncontrollably, the therapy is to try and ensure the crystals return to their rightful place and stay there. I also have daily exercises to do, but I can’t do them alone in case it triggers and episode and I fall striking my head, so Nurse Marcela has taken charge…She’s worse than an old school Matron, ha! ha! ha! what would I do without her?

Everything in Colombia, seems to have gone relatively quiet on the subject of Covid 19, even though the number of cases are rising again, most restrictions have been lifted, with the exception of wearing masks when outside your own house, and social distancing, the Government is in a cleft stick, in reality the restrictions we had for the first six months should have been continued, but the Country can’t afford it, unlike many countries there isn’t the financial capacity to given assistance, what assistance that was given, was only what would have been given to the poor anyway, it was just brought forward.
The rest of the help came from Family, Friends, Neighbours, and even Strangers, both in the form of food or financial donations, most Public Utility Bills were put on hold, they will still have to be paid at some point, but it delayed the stress of finding the money until later.

How did this effect us? in reality not a lot, yes we had to comply with the strict obligations, when we left the house, but we could live with those, unlike many we didn’t have the financial worries that many had, this is the benefit of being a pensioner, that pension still keeps coming every month, and again because of the restrictions, we were not spending as much, so had funds to help others, both family and friends.

The vaccination program, which was extremely slow to get started, is picking up a pace, the main three vaccines being used are, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and the Chinese Sinovac, the latter seems to be being used more for those who don’t pay into the Health System, although they are now buying the Johnson and Johnson one injection vaccine, to send out to the remote areas, where it is difficult to send supplies.
As I have said previously, I have had both my vaccine jabs, I was given Pfizer, Marcela is due to have her first, in the next couple of weeks, and has been told it will probably be Astra Zeneca, over here we are just glad to get a vaccine, unlike those over in the EU who seem to be very picky!

To be cont’d

Catch Up… Part 1

When I left, I was in the process of building a double, double bunkbed, and it went well, the hardest part was carrying all the parts into the house, as I had no option but to fully assemble it in situ, which was no mean feat, as these photos show.

Although the bed is rustic, it is not quite as rustic as in the photo, it is so big, in the bedroom, I couldn’t get a straight photo, so had to do a panorama sweep, and my hands aren’t that steady.

I then polished the whole frame, using my homemade beeswax polish, and fitted the slats

We had decided to make the most of the space available here, we also have the Cabaña / apartment with a double. With the bunkbeds, we have two further doubles, and decided to add a single platform bed to go under, giving us space for a total of seven guests, so that was the next phase.

This was the dry fit, I then burnt all the cut ends and screw holes in the exterior frame, and screwed it together.

Over the next few days I installed the individual reading lights, and the mattresses. I now just have to construct a storage staircase to fit at the bottom of the bed, that has taken longer to decide on a design, due to space constraints, but I think I now know how it will go.

You may have noticed, that the bed changed position from the first photo of the whole frame above, that is because it was taking up too much room, leaving no room for the single platform. I made the mistake of trying to move it on my own, even though I have glued sliders under each leg, the fact that they are 6″x6″ and the frame 2″x10″ makes it extremely heavy, and I think I did some damage to myself in the process.

Anyway with the help of Marcela and a Neighbour we managed to get it in place.

I decided that some sort of storage was needed to put the false teeth, or mobile phones, so threw together a couple of wall shelves, one for the bunkbed and another for the Cabaña

We have since had visitors, and these worked as intended, so I am pleased with the result.

Going back to my ‘injury’, I thought it was just muscular and I would work through it, but a month later, I am still suffering, so it looks like something else to add to the Doctors list!

To be cont’d.

I feel like a Fraud… I’m Back

After having given up on Google, they made it so hard to make any adjustments to Blogs or to comply with their, what I considered restrictive practices using Blogger, that I left it for a few weeks, and then yesterday decided to take the bull by the horns and try to set up the Blog on WordPress.

It’s taken me a while, but I think it’s working. I have been able to import the old Blog in it’s entirety from Blogger, so I haven’t lost much, if anything!

A lot seems to have happened since I stopped the old Blog, so rather than rushing it, and leaving out all the boring parts, ( a shame, I don’t think I have emojis on here) 🙂 I will come back and write a couple of catch up posts over the next couple of days.

However I will share one bit of news today and that is, contrary to all the rumours that had been spreading, I have now had both my Covid 19 Vaccination Jabs, the second one being last week, and we are hopeful that Marcela will have her first in the next two weeks. the only difference we think, is that I had Pfizer which were three weeks apart, and she will have Astra Zeneca which are three months apart here, but at least protection is nearly here.

OK, that’s it for today, I have spent most of the days working ou5t how to transfer the Blog, and my Darling Wife thinks I have abandoned her, so time to go and make amends!

Thank You!

 I have looked at various ways of updating the Blog to make it function, I have also looked at alternatives to Blogger, and to be honest they don\’t work for me.

I have therefore decided that after nine and a half years it is time to hang up my Blog once and for all.

Thanks to those of you who have followed my exploits, for the most part it has been fun, but now I seem to have more than enough to keep me occupied, I have never monetized the Blog, and that was never my intention, it was as much a diary for me, as information for you. 

With all my current medical commitments, I have been neglecting the Blog much more than I would have liked, and unlike in Copacabana, where the office was alongside the bedroom, here it\’s outside, during the current crop of storms, I can\’t bring myself to hobble through the rain.

I wont make any more excuses, just to say, that for now at least, or until I find a Platform that works for me, this will be my last post.

Thank you all again.