Not the best of Days!

Woke this morning, and prepared for my Dental appointment, which I had convinced myself was at 10.30am. I saw Marcela off to work, taking the Father-in-law with her, and returned to the Study, after a while, I happened to glance at the computer screen, where I keep my appointments, so that I wont forget them…Continue reading “Not the best of Days!”

Multilingual Poisons Cabinet!!

Although I have both the new window and the Reja / Security bars, ready to install, it is on hold for a few days, for various reasons, the weather being one, one minute it is hot summer, the next torrential rain, also we are having problems again with the Chery Tiggo, it had a newContinue reading “Multilingual Poisons Cabinet!!”

Where has winter gone!?

This morning, I altered one of the outside lights, which since the building of the \’zona de ropa\’ was shining on the roof instead of under it, unfortunately it still isn\’t right, I will have to wire in some extra lights. It has been boiling hot today, and I was non to pleased when theContinue reading “Where has winter gone!?”

Back to two wheels

Marcela left this morning for her UK visa meeting, it turns out she may be fine, there were five of six of them, and one was playing up, they were given time to make any corrections, which was a blessing, so Marcela changed the faults entered by the Intermediary, she then had to read offContinue reading “Back to two wheels”

OK… When does the good run start?

Without banning myself from my own Blog, our car is destined for more work now.  Hernan rang Marcela, to say that we had been lucky that the battery had not dropped through into the passenger compartment, it was so rotten, he has cut out the effected area and re-plated it, however that is not theContinue reading “OK… When does the good run start?”