Workshop all but Finished!

Jaime and the Team, have worked hard, the workshop is now painted, tiled and grouted. The floor now just needs sealing before we can move in, and I mean that literally, Yes, at last, my workbench and tools will be able to come in from the cold, but I won\’t be able to use itContinue reading “Workshop all but Finished!”

Renovations begin!

We talked over the main jobs we wanted doing with Jaime, deciding that it was best to divide the work into projects, and quote for each, the idea being Jaime would quote for labour, giving us an approximate cost for materials, and then we would order the materials. We have learned from our mistakes, whenContinue reading “Renovations begin!”


We had a call from Diego last night, to say he will be here on Saturday morning by 8.30 at the latest, to lay the new floor, so it was time to make sure everything was ready to go. I have the metalwork to go in the concrete, I went to AgroZarzal and bought fourContinue reading “Preparation”

Tidying up

In the past, the zona de ropa, has been a bit of a dumping ground, due to lack of storage, things were stuck between the bars of the window grille, or on top of the cupboard at the side of the washing machine, it didn\’t matter, because it wasn\’t the nicest area anyway. Now itContinue reading “Tidying up”

Preparation for Rendering

Another job that is necessary, but not on my list of favourites is rendering, the house is only rendered on the front face, the sides and back are bare block, which is accepted as normal in Colombia, however is does leave us with some problems, mainly water ingress, due to bad pointing work, unfortunately thisContinue reading “Preparation for Rendering”

Fencing completed

Fortunately the weather picked up yesterday, we were joined by the mother in law, Maria Elena, the sister in law, Sandra, and nephew, Sebastian, not forgetting their dog, \’Princesa\’. Pépe had a great day with Princesa, they never left each other alone, she certainly made herself at home, and was as good as gold, itContinue reading “Fencing completed”