Trouble at The Finca de Recreo

Late yesterday afternoon, Marcela went up and talked with the Mayordomo at Villa Connie, he understood the problem, but said there was little he could do, as he had no intention of taking on forty plus drunks, the problem lies with those who rent out the finca, for not imposing any conditions on those rentingContinue reading “Trouble at The Finca de Recreo”

The Day of The Car!

This morning was the morning of the car, or more precisely the Montero. I had decided that I wanted to find a Mechanic in Copacabana, I could use, I have been to Javier for the last three years, and for basic stuff he is great, but he works on the street, doesn\’t have his ownContinue reading “The Day of The Car!”

Continuing Problems!

Sunday night wasn\’t much better, the music varied in volume throughout the night, but Monday being a Bank Holiday, didn\’t bring a lot of change, Marcela spoke with a Patrol on duty at the Station, over the phone, he said a patrol had been the previous evening, but stated the volume was not that high,Continue reading “Continuing Problems!”

Where has winter gone!?

This morning, I altered one of the outside lights, which since the building of the \’zona de ropa\’ was shining on the roof instead of under it, unfortunately it still isn\’t right, I will have to wire in some extra lights. It has been boiling hot today, and I was non to pleased when theContinue reading “Where has winter gone!?”

Battle Royal!

I honestly don\’t know if I am coming or going! I will be glad when either the work is finished here, or the money has run out and they have to go… Pépe is getting better, he sleeps in later now, I don\’t have to get up before 6am, he is far more tranquil, andContinue reading “Battle Royal!”