Back to two wheels

Marcela left this morning for her UK visa meeting, it turns out she may be fine, there were five of six of them, and one was playing up, they were given time to make any corrections, which was a blessing, so Marcela changed the faults entered by the Intermediary, she then had to read off some of the details on her application, whilst on camera, her papers were taken off her, and they were told, they would receive a decision in two to three weeks.

Whilst this was going on, I was adding more storage to the walk-in wardrobe / vestier, then I received a call I was half expecting.

I had asked Marcela to take the car to her Uncle\’s Garage, Hernan is very good on diagnostics, and I knew something was wrong with it, Marcela thought the clutch just needed adjustment, but I was positive it was more serious than that, believing the clutch was either on the way out, or there was a gearbox problem, it turns out the clutch needs replacing, hopefully it will be done by end  of work tomorrow.

As a result, I set of on my bike to meet Marcela off the Metro, we agreed to meet in the commercial centre for a coffee, I took Marcela\’s helmet and jacket, it was a lovely ride there, we had a coffee and pastry,  then went to look at some interior doors, but they were damned expensive, so on the way back we stopped off at the Carpenters, and arranged for them to come out and measure up. The final climb back up the mountain was a bit of a drag, I rarely got out of 1st gear, and nothing faster than 25km, still, it\’s better than walking!

It was then time to get some power in the workshop, I had decided I would do this, I have to admit to giving myself a couple of tingles, but thank goodness we are on 110v, it was just a tickle! The Sockets worked, but the light fuse kept popping, and it took a while to find the problem, but now I have light and power, tomorrow I want to get the interior wood roof preserved and then stained, after which the walls will need painting, before I can move in.

Supposedly, the Kitchen Company, together with the stainless steel worktop bloke, are coming to look at the rust marks between 8-9am tomorrow, but I\’ll believe that when I see it, I will keep out of the firing line, Marcela is ready to go in with both barrels if needs be.

The workmen left tonight, having completed the concrete supports for our land, tomorrow they are topping with about a foot of concrete, which will create a path around the house, as well as acting as support. However they left, not having closed off the access to the rear, and our beloved Pépe had gone walk about again, and was determined to prove that he was deaf! he eventually returned to a call from Marcela, leaving be bumbling around in the undergrowth…there were a few choice words, and there will be more when the workmen arrive in the morning.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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