Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, we went up to the finca, because we were told that the interior was finished…wrong!

However first thing in the morning I went to collect the trailer, they had made a cracking job of the wooden slats, and it looks far better than I  imagined. After breakfast, we headed off to Medellin and collected my Bandsaw, it is certainly a heavy beast, but just what I wanted. Having collected it we again headed home, had lunch collected Pépe, filled the spare space in the trailer with some of the cartons I sent over from Spain, and made our way up to the finca, or more correctly the casa finca, because of it\’s size.

The Kitchen was in the process of being finished off, by the Company who made it, unfortunately they had not liaised with the sub-contractor who had made the work-surface, and there was only one tap hole, not that we need more, because everyone washes up with cold water only, but they had brought a tap requiring two holes, so that would need replacing.

There had been a water leak in the downstairs shower room, because, they had installed the new piping and tiled over it, before testing the joints. The only way to remedy that without ripping the tiles off the walls, was to go in from the dining room side, which has left a chipped border tile, it wont be seen, it will just be annoying, because I know it is there.

In the en suite shower room upstairs, the tiling stopped halfway around the shower head pipe, and they had just cemented around the top of the pipe, it looked terrible, so John is going to put another half row of tiles, to finish it off.

The metal door from the upstairs lounge out on to the balcony only opens half way, because the floor is not level, this is not the fault of either John or the metal fabricators, but will mean when I have time, I will have to remove the door, take it back to the fabricator and ask them to cut 1cm off the bottom, and then I will attach a rubber strip to fill the gap, which will allow it to top the floor.

There are other little things, but nothing I can\’t put right once we are in.

They were in the process of building up the wall alongside the swimming pool, which backs onto the neighbours stable, this is to stop them looking over, and also to bring it up to the height of the rest of the wall, so cosmetically it will look better.

The work on the neighbours land is underway, to put a \’Filtro\’ (or as we know it, a land drain) alongside the house.

Trench for land drain

We now know that Pedro had been lying through his back teeth, when he said that he had painted bitumen on all the wall underground, once dug out it was found that the wall had a number of faults, not least that some of the ladrillos (bricks) had been installed end on, and because they are hollow the water had been running straight threw them into the house, these have now been filled. He had said that he had painted bitumen on all the wall under ground, but as we now know, he had put some on the two courses that would be visible, and none below, that again is being rectified.

I will have to check that they re-instate the neighbours garden to it\’s former state, which shouldn\’t be too hard, and if they haven\’t Marcela and I have said we will go and do it, we don\’t want any problems as a result of this work.
Today is our second Wedding Anniversary, the time has flown, and I have never been happier than the last two years spent with Marcela.
It didn\’t start to well, because before marcela was out of bed, I had caught Pépe chewing through the arm of the sofa, I have to be honest he has ruined a perfectly good leather sofa, I guess we can get covers for it, but I certainly wont entertain replacing it until Pépe is long gone.
We were going out for lunch to a Restaurant in Medellin, which we go to for special occasions, however I also wanted to take the Motorbike back to the shop I bought it from, for them to sell it on my behalf, so I prepared my gladrags and put them in the back of the car, then kitted up for the bike, and we left in convoy, but it didn\’t stay like that for long, because the traffic was horrendous, so I left Marcela behind, and sat outside the shop for 15 minutes waiting for her, this was after the time I had spent explaining the situation!
Because  of the compulsory Insurance, which we had purchased because it was expired, and the security system I had fitted, they are going to sell it for more than I purchased it for, so after they have taken their commission, I will come out, just about even. However, in the shop was a Suzuki Inazuma 2013 with only 14000km on the clock, for nearly 2/3 the price I should get, so there will be money back in the Bank, and I would get a nearly new bike. The question is, will it still be there when mine is sold? The shop have said there are a couple of options, the first being that the owner of the Inazuma is looking for a V-Strom, but how old they didn\’t know, the second would be, if the owner was prepared to take a deposit to take it off the market, if he is not in a rush to sell, there is a third option, but I didn\’t open my mouth, and wont at this stage, and that is to buy the bike, and then replace the money once the V-Strom is sold, but if I can, I don\’t want to go down that path.
From there we went back to where Marcela had parked the car, I took my Gladrags and went into their toilets to change, and then we went on to Bar La Bolsa, one of our favourites for special occasions.

Chicken Fingers & Caramelized
 Pear with Brie
Yes..We both had a salad!

It was a lovely meal, unfortunately neither of us had room for dessert…Yes, you read the correctly, I didn\’t have a \’Pud\’, I know that is unheard of, but lately it is becoming more of the norm.

From the Restaurant we headed back to Bello, with the intention of stopping to scour the town for shower screens, but as we arrived it started to spot with rain, so we headed back. Marcela wanted to call on a friend, so she dropped me off nearby and umbrella at the ready I headed home, just getting through the door as the heavens opened.

So that brought an abrupt end to the day!

Tomorrow, we have got to go and change some bills over into our name, whether we will get up to the finca I don\’t know.

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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