They say a change is as good as a rest!

A day with nothing finca related, it was definitely needed!  We were out at 7.30am this morning to take the trailer to be fitted with wooden slats, and were told it should be ready tomorrow afternoon, quick work, we had a phone call this afternoon to say the trailer would be ready by 6pm today, but as they close then, we will collect it first thing in the morning.

After returning for breakfast, we headed into the City, Marcela had a medical appointment, late morning, afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat, and returned to Bello, where we went to give a months notice on the apartment, and pay our final months rent.

I have made a decision regarding the motorbike, it is just too big to manoeuvre up at the fiinca, and dangerous turning it in the road outside, so it will have to go, fortunately I had not paid the insurance, I had the compulsory insurance, but I had 45 days to pay the other, and I hadn\’t had time to get round to it, so unfortunately that will be one commission the assessor will not be getting.

Having now seen the Finca, and now knowing what I will need a bike for, which is just to nip down to town, or ten minutes up the Autopista to the Mother in Laws, a 250cc will be fine, so today, we went and bought another replacement indicator arm, same price as at Suzuki, apparently because it is an upmarket bike, they don\’t sell copy parts, and I have fitted it to the Suzuki V-Strom. We have phoned the shop from where I bought it, and they will sell it for me, for a 4% commission, I don\’t think it will take long to sell, there were a number of people sniffing around when I bought it, all being well I am taking it to them on Wednesday.

To be honest, I think the rest of this week is going to be hectic to say the least, tomorrow, we are out at 7.30am again to go and collect the trailer, and then after breakfast, we will be going off with the trailer to pick up my commercial band-saw, back home for lunch, then off to the finca with the saw, and to see if the fitted kitchen has been installed, because yet again there has been another avoidable delay today on that score. Until now I have left Marcela to deal with it, but any more delays and I will be telling them exactly where they can put their kitchen.

Wednesday, is our second wedding anniversary, so after taking the bike, I will change in the car and off we will go to celebrate two wonderful years, we may then have to fit in other appointments in the afternoon, and so it continues all week.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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