End of Yet Another Chapter

We had a lovely eight days away in the Dominican Republic, the Resort ( I would not describe it as a Hotel, as it is laid out in buildings over a large area) was up to scratch and more, contrary to many of the reviews we had read. We arrived home on Monday evening, andContinue reading “End of Yet Another Chapter”

Time to Look for Another Car?

Yesterday morning, I was checking the levels in the Nissan X-Trail, when I found oil in the radiator, but no sign of water / refrigerant in the Oil, that put paid to Marcela going to work, which thanks to the Local Authorities had already been mucked up, more on that later. So the car endedContinue reading “Time to Look for Another Car?”

Bye Bye Baby!

Yesterday, I finally said good bye to my Montero with some sadness, yes over the last four years she has cost me some money, but considering she was 23 years old, I had developed an affection for her…don\’t tell Marcela! I went over to the shop at 9am, and met with the buyer and hisContinue reading “Bye Bye Baby!”

No Peace for The Wicked

Yesterday morning we spent car hunting, the first was in the depths of a Mall multi-storey car park in Medellin, it turned out the seller ran a business from there, and advertised as a private seller, which put us on the back foot to start with. It was a 2010 Nissan X-Trail 2.2 TD, whichContinue reading “No Peace for The Wicked”

Back in The Land of The Living

Monday and Tuesday, I spent the greater part of that 48 hours either on my knees on sitting in the bathroom, no need to say more… I thought I was dying, it must have been some virus I picked up from somewhere, because I hadn\’t eaten anything out of the ordinary. Yesterday I spent buildingContinue reading “Back in The Land of The Living”