Quite a bit done today!

Yesterday, we went up to Girardota to start transferring the bills over into our name, and this time some will be in mine, because at the moment, I don\’t have a credit rating, because nothing is in my name, not that I am bothered, because I have no wish to use Credit, but there are times when at least being listed helps.

From Giradota we went up to the finca to drop off some tile adhesive for John, and then we moved on to Copacabana, stopping off for lunch on the way, every one had been going on about how tasty Mondogo is, so I decided to try it, and then realised that it is \’Tripe\’, as long as I shut out the thought of it being tripe, it was fine, think of the word, and I felt myself starting to wretch, why I have no idea, I have never eaten it before, and here it is served much like a soup, and it\’s a bit like eating squid, will I have it again…not out of choice!

On to Copacabana, paid another bill, the Town Hall (Alcaldia) would change our names, as the Registro had not sent them their copy of the Deeds (Escritura), apparently it is done automatically, but for some reason there was a glitch, so we have got to return with a photocopy.

Then it was back to Niquía, to find a Metal Fabricator, who would make some post bases, purlin hangers, and post to beam brackets, they don\’t sell them in Colombia, and we had a hard time finding anyone who was prepared to make them, however we eventually did, but they just make the parts, they don\’t weld, anyway we placed our order, by which time light was fading, and Pépe had been on his own for some time, so we headed home.

I dropped Marcela off, and then had to go back to the DIY Store, to get some tools and fittings for this morning.

Today, I was out of the house for for 7.30am, and off to the finca for a days work, I had bought all the fittings to fit out one of the bedrooms as a walk-in wardrobe, or as they are called here a vestier, however on arrival, I found Ramillo hard at work, and John had not yet arrived. It was lovely out, so decided to do a gardening job first, and get in tick in Marcela\’s book, and that was our decision to remove the hedge down the side of the path to the house, it looked nice, but is full of spines, and we rather put some flowering shrubs along there. I had stopped on the way to buy a mattock, so I was set to go.

The hedging by the house came out easily enough, whether it was younger than the rest, or just not grown much, I don\’t know, but it pulled out with using tools. Then came the hard part, and I had to use both the mattock and a crowbar to remove the rest, as the morning wore on, it got hotter and hotter, I found myself taking more breaks, and realising that after two years in the apartment it was going to be a while before I could work a full day again, I was becoming really light headed, despite taking plenty of fluids. So when 11.45am came and I had finished removing the hedge, I had had enough.

Hedge removed

I fought my way through the Builders Yard, to the main gate


It was a good job Marcela was not with me, her pride and joy, the Pool is filthy, from sand, dust, and now the men using the water from the pool to mix cement, as the water was off for the morning, while John was sorting out some more plumbing.

Much more, and you won\’t see the bottom!

I went up to the snack bar to buy a bottle of pop, as I had run out of coffee!

The repair work on the neighbours land is going ahead, they had finished rendering the wall up to ground level,and cemented the base to place the perforated pipe, before coating with bitumen paint and back filling with stone, and then earth on top.

preparation work for land drain

I then, sorted out all my tools in the house, and at 12.30pm, called it a day, and made my way home.

Back home, I was met by Marcela with a long face, two letters had arrived for me, saying I was being sent back to the UK… No, I\’m only joking, it was from the Local Health Service Provider, Comfenalco,  to say they were giving us eight days notice that they were giving up the Health Care Department, and that we would be farmed off to some other provider, with no guarantee that they would provide the preferential plan that I have at the moment, however if we were not happy with the Company allotted, we had three months to ask for a change.
So it was straight in the shower, and off again, with a grumbling Marcela alongside, \’Bitches!!!!\’ I had to fight back a smile, I live in hope, and I am sure it will all work out for the best, we saw Orfa, the lady who we deal with, who said I should keep my appointment next week, and I would a get a final months prescription, but then it would be down to the new Provider.
After lunch, we did some shopping, then went to collect my parts for the posts, they were not ready, so we waited, chatting to the Office Staff, nipped off to get a quote for doors and windows for both the workshop and the toolshed, returned, collected the parts, and went off to get other quotes, to be honest they were all within spitting distance of each other, until we called on Ruben, and he came up with some different ideas, such as having just a reja gate on the tool shed, rather than having to have a door with ventilation, because the gas water heater and bottles will be kept there, and to have a roller door on the workshop, instead of doors, so there wont be a problem with the wind catching the doors, also it will free up outside space, as there will be no doors to open, and all this at a much cheaper price, suffice it to say Ruben has our work, and he has also taken all our post parts, and is going to have them welded for us by mid morning tomorrow.
Another day gone…what\’s in store for us tomorrow?

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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