Falling to Bits

 Sorry to have not posted for a while, I\’ll explain later. The bedroom floor was completed, and looks lovely More to the point, we don\’t have to worry about going through the floor, although like the lounge, it turned out to only have moved an inch or so, due to poor workmanship. The final jobContinue reading “Falling to Bits”

Another Year Passes

Yesterday, February 19th, was our seventh wedding anniversary, where does the time go? it has flown, it certainly doesn\’t feel that long. So last night we went to one of our favourite Restaurants, Guadaloupe, in Bello, as the name suggests it is Mexican, the food is fantastic, good quantities, and we have never had aContinue reading “Another Year Passes”

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, we went up to the finca, because we were told that the interior was finished…wrong! However first thing in the morning I went to collect the trailer, they had made a cracking job of the wooden slats, and it looks far better than I  imagined. After breakfast, we headed off to Medellin and collectedContinue reading “Wedding Anniversary”

They say a change is as good as a rest!

A day with nothing finca related, it was definitely needed!  We were out at 7.30am this morning to take the trailer to be fitted with wooden slats, and were told it should be ready tomorrow afternoon, quick work, we had a phone call this afternoon to say the trailer would be ready by 6pm today,Continue reading “They say a change is as good as a rest!”