I Just Don\’t Believe It!

Last night we went to bed, everything was fine, no problems evident, and then bang! … I got up this morning, and no water, intially I wasn\’t worried, because our Water Company is local, and owned by all the people on this area of the mountain, albeit we don\’t receive any bonus for that, andContinue reading “I Just Don\’t Believe It!”

Back to Work

Feeling better today, so I had an early start. As soon as Marcela left for work, the wheelbarrow came out, a few visits to the Building Supplies next door, and 18 sacks of gravel later, the land drain was finally completed. Not quite as I wanted it, as the gravel is different, which is aContinue reading “Back to Work”

Sorting out Pedro\’s bodge job!

Yet another shortcut by the previous owner, Pedro, which is causing problems!  Because we are on a septic tank, surface drainage water is a problem, and the water from half the gazebo roof, the house roof and the pool surround, are piped underground, circumventing the septic tank, and into a pipe that goes…God knows where,Continue reading “Sorting out Pedro\’s bodge job!”

It\’s B****y Hot!!

So much for winter, I think today has been the hottest day of the year, even the wind was hot. The parking area and outside access ramp are all but finished, unfortunately John was being a bit tight with the cement as they are coming to the end of working here, and will be finishedContinue reading “It\’s B****y Hot!!”

Work progressing!

Yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system, I did a full days work, well, eight hours!  I left home at 7.30pm calling to buy some fittings,  my breakfast and lunch. My intention was to fit out the walk in wardrobe (Vestier), but John asked me to get on with starting the \’zonaContinue reading “Work progressing!”

More ups and downs

To follow up from the last post, the following morning we called on Ruben and true to his word, he had welded up all the bits for us, it wasn\’t free, but it was as cheap as chips, so no complaints. From there we went on to San Juan, the idea being to get anotherContinue reading “More ups and downs”

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, we went up to the finca, because we were told that the interior was finished…wrong! However first thing in the morning I went to collect the trailer, they had made a cracking job of the wooden slats, and it looks far better than I  imagined. After breakfast, we headed off to Medellin and collectedContinue reading “Wedding Anniversary”