I\’ve Definitely Upset Someone Upstairs!

First we had the septic trap giving us problems for a month, then yesterday, the Water Company having cut the water for repairs, turned it back on full power, instead of gradually as usual, and have cracked a joint in the cold water inlet to the sink in our bathroom, I have tried an epoxyContinue reading “I\’ve Definitely Upset Someone Upstairs!”

Back to work!

Work came to an abrupt halt last week, all because of a minor water leak,whilst rendering, I disturbed the pipe I had installed by the Builders(obviously not very well!) when we moved in, it is the hot water pipe to the upstairs shower, and because of the ambient temperature here, it can safely run upContinue reading “Back to work!”

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, we went up to the finca, because we were told that the interior was finished…wrong! However first thing in the morning I went to collect the trailer, they had made a cracking job of the wooden slats, and it looks far better than I ¬†imagined. After breakfast, we headed off to Medellin and collectedContinue reading “Wedding Anniversary”