Getting back on track!

Well this morning I was up and out walking Pépe whilst it was still dark, and here, that is early, Marcela had a rough night, although she knew nothing about it, so I was awake most of the night.

After breakfast, I had a bit of time to kill before we had to go out, so I have moved the workshop around, to make it more user friendly, I still need more storage, I\’ll get there eventually.

We left home about 10.30am and headed into Bello, Ihad to find a Colombia shirt ready for Friday\’s match, Marcela wants company, she goes to watch it on the big screen, they are set up in most towns. After a few tight fits, I eventually found one that isn\’t quite a second skin, but not far off! Then I went looking fore a new Mobile phone, I had found one on MercadoLibre, and the seller said his shop was in the main square, try as we might, we couldn\’t find it, so we went to another shop, and I have come away with a Huawei, I am pleasantly surprised, having played with it most of the evening, it leaves my Sony Experia, looking like a museum piece, and it was half the price I was expecting to pay for a decent phone, so I am happy with it, to be honest if it makes a phone call, that is fine, my Sony had a mind of it\’s own, and kept going onto silent mode, without me touching it, so the few calls I did receive, I missed!!!! I\’m not complaining, I have had it a few years, it came with me from Spain.

After a quick lunch, we headed for Medellin to see the Accountant, she does all the Tax returns for the Notaries, and big Businesses, so she is really only doing ours as a favour, because her niece is a friend of Marcela. We arrived early, and sat outside for a while, baking in the car! The lady was very friendly, and didn\’t seem to think that my return would be a problem, or that my bill would be that big, I will just have to keep my fingers crossed until she contacts us to say the work is completed.

From Medellin we headed back, stopping on the way to buy some new bedding, which put us on the wrong side of an accident on the Motorway, this was the second that had held us up today, and both involved Taxis! we eventually arrived home, and Marcela then started work on the swimming pool, which had been sadly neglected whilst we were away, and I seem to have spent hours re-installing Apps,and getting my new phone ready for action!

In the morning I have got to take the bike for a service, it is overdue, I am just hoping that if I explain we have been on holiday, they will overlook it this time.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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