Summer\’s Back!

There are times that I don\’t envy people having to work, and today was one of them, it has been an absolute scorcher. I started the day but doing the usual chores, then nipped down town, and did the shopping. On my return it was time to get stuck in to some work, weed killing,Continue reading “Summer\’s Back!”

Corruption At It\’s Best!

We are in the last weeks of the Presidency of Juan Manuel Santos, and from an Expat point of view… Good Riddance!, not that the next will probably be any better. I think Santos reputation is better abroad than in this country, when I first came here, I believed he was trying to do aContinue reading “Corruption At It\’s Best!”

Maintenance on the Backburner!

First it was the rain that was delaying me getting started on outside work, and now its the neighbours again, having built their shop with apartment above, which created dust, you wouldn\’t believe, now they have taken down the last part of the old finca, they were using for storage, and are building a newContinue reading “Maintenance on the Backburner!”

Getting back on track!

Well this morning I was up and out walking P├ępe whilst it was still dark, and here, that is early, Marcela had a rough night, although she knew nothing about it, so I was awake most of the night. After breakfast, I had a bit of time to kill before we had to go out,Continue reading “Getting back on track!”