We Are Going To Have To Move

Yesterday, went went for my appointment with the Accountant, paid her bill, gave her the cake we bought for her, although I have to admit, I was sorely tempted…hahaha! Then I took Marcela for lunch before she went to work. I have my brain scan tomorrow, but at the moment I can\’t get a PsychiatricContinue reading “We Are Going To Have To Move”

Good News For A Change

It looks as if I am staying in Colombia for the time being, we had a message from my Accountant last night with good news, especially as I had been warned that my tax bill could be as much as $12.000.000 COP, suffice it to say, it is not zero like in previous years, butContinue reading “Good News For A Change”

Corruption At It\’s Best!

We are in the last weeks of the Presidency of Juan Manuel Santos, and from an Expat point of view… Good Riddance!, not that the next will probably be any better. I think Santos reputation is better abroad than in this country, when I first came here, I believed he was trying to do aContinue reading “Corruption At It\’s Best!”

I\’m Still Here

Hi Guys, it\’s been a quiet few days, in as much as there has not really been anything worth writing about, that doesn\’t mean I have been sitting on my laurels, far from it. I have spent two days communicating back and forth between Spain and Ireland, over some financial matters that went haywire, butContinue reading “I\’m Still Here”

Not a lot to Report!

The weather is still up and down,  ranging from tropical sunshine, sweltering without a breeze, to sun with high winds, to torrential rain, it really doesn\’t help when you want to work outside. I have made a start, it doesn\’t seem two and a half years since I rebuilt the kiosko in the garden, butContinue reading “Not a lot to Report!”

Maintenance on the Backburner!

First it was the rain that was delaying me getting started on outside work, and now its the neighbours again, having built their shop with apartment above, which created dust, you wouldn\’t believe, now they have taken down the last part of the old finca, they were using for storage, and are building a newContinue reading “Maintenance on the Backburner!”

It can only get better!

What a day!  yesterday, I found that buses had been driving  up our bank, because there are no kerbstones, they seem to think they have the right, so I put some rocks along the edge, cut back into the bank, so they were off the road, big enough that no vehicle would want to tryContinue reading “It can only get better!”

It\’s a hard life!

This morning we went down to Copacabana for Marcela\’s 9am nail appointment, I went off to look for a Vet and Peluquería, and within one minute I had succeeded, it was only around the corner!! What was I going to do for the rest of the morning, well firstly I went for a torte deContinue reading “It\’s a hard life!”