Rest and Relaxation…For Me!

I woke surprisingly pain free after all my exertion yesterday, it was cold and appeared misty, but Marcela informed me, that the Government had announced that we were covered in dust/sand from the Sahara desert, which when you consider how far away it is, seems incredible. It was my day to have a couple ofContinue reading “Rest and Relaxation…For Me!”

All Change!

Work has continued at a pace, despite all the rain…well, it is winter here, and we have not had the required amount of rain to avoid water shortages next summer, which should start next month, so even though it has slowed up work, it has been welcomed. On Friday, Jaime decided they needed to moveContinue reading “All Change!”

Do I Look Like a Fool?

On second thoughts…Don\’t answer that!  I am just frustrated, this virus lockdown, maybe saving lives, although I am beginning to even question that, as we have been in 100% lockdown in Colombia for three months now, and the number of cases has just started to escalate, which seems to indicate that lockdown doesn\’t work, howeverContinue reading “Do I Look Like a Fool?”

Workshop all but Finished!

Jaime and the Team, have worked hard, the workshop is now painted, tiled and grouted. The floor now just needs sealing before we can move in, and I mean that literally, Yes, at last, my workbench and tools will be able to come in from the cold, but I won\’t be able to use itContinue reading “Workshop all but Finished!”

Renovations begin!

We talked over the main jobs we wanted doing with Jaime, deciding that it was best to divide the work into projects, and quote for each, the idea being Jaime would quote for labour, giving us an approximate cost for materials, and then we would order the materials. We have learned from our mistakes, whenContinue reading “Renovations begin!”


This morning, the Security Camera Engineer was supposed to arrive to replace a dead camera, so first thing, I messaged him to confirm that a) he was coming and b) would it be morning  or afternoon. As you will know by now, I have got used to him not turning up, or changing the dayContinue reading “Predictable!”

A Good Start but a Slow End!

I woke early, so decided to get going, it was 5.20am, the first order of the day, was to take the dogs for a walk, they have missed a few this week, due to heavy rain, and Pepe in particular doesn\’t like it at all. After a Coffee, it was time to get stuck in,Continue reading “A Good Start but a Slow End!”