The Mother of All Storms!

Last night we had the worst storm I can remember since moving to Colombia, it turns out the the whole area suffered, with local towns flooded, but we had our own problems,Not only the rain, but high winds as a result the rain was coming at the house horizontally, therefore if to went in theContinue reading “The Mother of All Storms!”

That was Different!

It\’s been a funny few days. The Viewer who was supposed to arrive on Saturday, never made contact, so we wrote him off. On Sunday, I started the morning, by finishing the grouting on the swimming pool, I spent a few hours on three days last week to get it done. It\’s looking quite smartContinue reading “That was Different!”

What a Bummer!

Just before closing time yesterday, the Notary rang Marcela to say we needed another document from the Catastro, but no one seemed to know how to obtain it. We spent the res of the evening, once Marcela was home, researching how to get this document, and then Marcela found we could obtain it online, soContinue reading “What a Bummer!”

You\’ll be glad to hear…

The last two days I made a concerted effort, and now the swimming pool is finished, as far as it can be, until summer comes around. I have re-grouted the shallow end of the pool and the steps out, the deep end of the pool can\’t be done until we are guaranteed no rain, otherwiseContinue reading “You\’ll be glad to hear…”

Busy Week

This morning it was another crack of dawn rising, these 5am starts are becoming too regular! Marcela came with me, and I was at the Doctors for 6.40am, both to go over my Psychiatric report, and the blood tests, which although fine for the Shrink, were high in some areas, and the Doc thinks thatContinue reading “Busy Week”

Good News and Bad

On Wednesday I went to collect the result of my brain scan, it was good news…I have got one! no seriously, they stated that everything was normal, so I guess I can be thankful for that. Yesterday, I was up at 5am again, and down at the Medical Center at 6am for blood and urineContinue reading “Good News and Bad”

Work Rest and Play…Not Necessarily in That Order!

I started this morning with a trip to Copacabana to get the week-end food in, and the chaos continues as people ready themselves to start the Festival of Oranges this afternoon and all week-end. My earlier comments about a mass piss-up, seem to have been born out When the town hall believes it has toContinue reading “Work Rest and Play…Not Necessarily in That Order!”