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As we all know, yesterday was Halloween, but as I think I mentioned last year, in Colombia, it is taken to an altogether different level, from midday onwards, it was Kids day, streets and town centres closed off to traffic, events organised for the kids, most of whom were dressed up in costume, although for many, I couldn\’t see the relevance to Halloween, it was a case of Fancy Dress, anything goes! The costumes ranged from made at home to what looked very expensive,

courtesy of El Colombiano

 but it doesn\’t end there… even the Pets get a make-over and their own fancy dress outfit.

courtesy of Reuters

During the evening the priorities change, the kids return home tired out, and then it is the turn of Adults, to don their Fancy Dress and take to the streets.

While all this was going on, down in Bogota a row is brewing!  The Teen idol Justin Bieber, who recently bought a mansion in Colombia, was performing in the City, but not all music, he was also photographed painting graffiti on Public walls

courtesy of nydailynews

but that was not the worst of it, he had a Police escort, of a number of vehicles filled with Officers, who just stood by and let him deface the property. The Public are outraged, not only because Bieber committed an offence, but because last year the Police shot and killed a Colombian Graffiti Artist for doing exactly the same thing. To add insult to injury, Bieber has been bragging about his escapades on Twitter!

Back to Medellin, and the recent story regarding the collapse of the Apartment Towers killing eleven people, as a result of this the Local Authority commenced a study of all similar properties in the area, which has so far lead to five other Apartment complexes in El Poblado being evacuated due to similar structural faults, all by the same Developer. The Developer has now declared himself bankrupt, so all those \’rich\’ Expats and Colombians alike, who believed El Poblado was the place to be, are now finding out the hard way, that it isn\’t!

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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