I have had an email from Chris today, he finally found out how much it was costing to phone me!! I dare say I will find out to, when I receive his bill. The meeting with José the buyer, and also the Gestor, went ahead yesterday, a contract was signed covering me for any extraContinue reading “Progress?”

News in brief!

As we all know, yesterday was Halloween, but as I think I mentioned last year, in Colombia, it is taken to an altogether different level, from midday onwards, it was Kids day, streets and town centres closed off to traffic, events organised for the kids, most of whom were dressed up in costume, although forContinue reading “News in brief!”

Tragedy in Medellin Overnight

I have been kept busy, between doing my chores and working in the workshop, I certainly feel better in myself, now I am back doing something I enjoy, I\’m not sure why I never thought of doing this before, probably because I didn\’t think I would be in the Apartment long enough to make itContinue reading “Tragedy in Medellin Overnight”