Catch Up…. Part 2

I guess this revolves around my health, I seem to have been spending nearly as much time with Doctors, as I have at home, and that continues for the forseeable future. I had the nerve pain block injections in both knees, and they worked, thank goodness, I have found that they don’t help me walkContinue reading “Catch Up…. Part 2”

What a Month!

I finally finished burning all the timbers for the Bunkbeds, well, the first phase, once they are all cut to size, and holes drilled for the bolts, they will have to be burnt again on the parts cut, this I have already started, but again it will take time, much of which will be doneContinue reading “What a Month!”

End of an Era

 Last week I realised that the revision tecnico, equivalent to the UK\’s MOT on my Royal Enfield had run out the previous Sunday, So Wednesday being my day of freedom, I was outside the MOT Centre at 7am I was never in any doubt, but it passed with flying colours, however not without incident, becauseContinue reading “End of an Era”

Overdue Update

 Work has slowed down, for two reasons, we have had more restrictions thrust upon us as a result of  Covid 19, and the panic that our Health System wont be able to cope, and Jaime has been working elsewhere to boost his income, which I can understand, but it doesn\’t help us, we now justContinue reading “Overdue Update”

The Mother of All Storms!

Last night we had the worst storm I can remember since moving to Colombia, it turns out the the whole area suffered, with local towns flooded, but we had our own problems,Not only the rain, but high winds as a result the rain was coming at the house horizontally, therefore if to went in theContinue reading “The Mother of All Storms!”

Damn it\’s Cold!

Work on the house continues, the floor is nearly finished, although I haven\’t got a photo of the current stage, this will give you some idea. The inside of the house is freezing at the moment, there is no glass in the windows, as the frames are all steel, and the glass was taken outContinue reading “Damn it\’s Cold!”

Time to Look for Another Car?

Yesterday morning, I was checking the levels in the Nissan X-Trail, when I found oil in the radiator, but no sign of water / refrigerant in the Oil, that put paid to Marcela going to work, which thanks to the Local Authorities had already been mucked up, more on that later. So the car endedContinue reading “Time to Look for Another Car?”

The End of an Era!

A sad day for the family, my Uncle who was a confirmed Bachelor, my Father\’s younger Brother was found dead at his home by the Police this morning, he was 86 years of age, and according to my Brother who spoke with him this week, he still totally with it. At the moment, we don\’tContinue reading “The End of an Era!”

Another Christmas Bites the Dust

Well, I don\’t know about you, but Christmas came and went! Fortunately without incident, and every one still speaking, so the family gathering was a success…I think! Sister-in-law, Mother-in-law, Marcela Father-in-law, Marcela, Yours truly, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Nephew The In-laws and Marcela\’s Nephew are with us until New Year. The matter of our road, is anotherContinue reading “Another Christmas Bites the Dust”

Motorcycling in Colombia

I have been asked if the standard of motorcycling in Colombia has improved since I retired from this mode of transport four years ago.Some think I am mad to start again!  The simple answer is no… The Government is starting to take action to improve the situation, they are in the process of introducing newContinue reading “Motorcycling in Colombia”