What is the Future for Colombia?

With the first round of the Presidential Election tomorrow, there appear to be three main Contenders: 1.Gustavo Petro  2. Ivan Duque 3. Sergio Fajardo The problem isn\’t trying to decide who is the best to take on the mantel of President, it is a case of deciding who is the best of a bad bunch.Continue reading “What is the Future for Colombia?”


I am struggling to get a lot done, with one arm, everything is taking so much longer to do, I haven\’t got any pain, just permanent pins and needles, and no strength, it is frustrating more than anything else. I don\’t think I am ever going to be rich, just as one thing is sorted,Continue reading “Pottering!”

Another Disturbed Night

Last night we had more problems from the Finca de Recreo, Villa Connie,  the music continued for most of the night, at 3.15am a call was made to the Police, they certainly didn\’t attend, but whether they have a phone number, I don\’t know, about an hour and a half later the music stopped, justContinue reading “Another Disturbed Night”

Could have gone Better!

Thank goodness, that\’s another Holiday week-end out of the way, if the last two week-ends are anything to go by, we have at least got our message over to the owners of the Finca de Recreo, the music was turned down well before midnight, and we were able to sleep, but that didn\’t stop themContinue reading “Could have gone Better!”

Maintenance on the Backburner!

First it was the rain that was delaying me getting started on outside work, and now its the neighbours again, having built their shop with apartment above, which created dust, you wouldn\’t believe, now they have taken down the last part of the old finca, they were using for storage, and are building a newContinue reading “Maintenance on the Backburner!”

We are Off Again!!!

It seems strange to be back after five months away from Blogging, but in a funny way, I was missing it. Unfortunately due to problems with my knees and spine, I have been limited in what I can do, there has been some improvement, at least in my knees, so I am a bit moreContinue reading “We are Off Again!!!”

Time to bring you up to date!

I guess the most important point to make, is that moving was definitely the right decision for me, Marcela has made my life, in many ways, and for that she will always have my love. In October, I decided we needed a carport, not so much for the rain, but to give the cars aContinue reading “Time to bring you up to date!”

Not much to report

My dental appointment yesterday was not at all what I was expecting, both Marcela and I thought I was going for another impression for my \’plate\’, however as I was called in, the nurse was lining up some ancient barbaric looking tools, the next thing I knew,  I had had three injections, and my toothContinue reading “Not much to report”

We are ready for a holiday!

Yesterday, we didn\’t get to Hyundai, the Boss said he was busy, and either to call late afternoon or this morning. Marcela had phoned a Company in Medellin for me, as I was looking for a decent Band-saw (the one I have is chinese crap from Bauker, saying that, some of their other tools areContinue reading “We are ready for a holiday!”