Things Looking Up!

Tonight starts a a four and a half day Fiesta for Semana Santa (Easter), we are keeping our fingers crossed regarding the volume of music in the surrounding fincas, but it wont come as any surprise, if there is a problem, we\’ll just have to deal with it.

This morning, I started out by taking the dogs for their walk, then after breakfast, I cut the \’Dame de la Noche\’, it was in desperate need of a trim, also the azulina hedge, which is just starting to sprout new foliage, after it\’s drastic cut back, when I was installing the panels on the fence. After that I went out to brush the road, whilst I was doing that, one of the men who helps out at Agrozarzal came out, and whilst we were talking, I asked if they were open Thursday and Friday, as usually on a Holiday, they open in the morning, but not this time.

I then had to make a decision, hopefully, and it still hasn\’t been confirmed, we will be rendering my wall, on the neighbour\’s side, I have three sacks of cement and 30 of sand, but I didn\’t think that would be enough, so went and bought, another cement and 10 of sand, that still may not be enough to complete the job, but I think in the time available, it will be enough to keep us going.

About 10.40am my Father-in-law, Henry, arrived, he is going to help me with the rendering, we work well together, and the benefit he has, is that, he gets paid! 😊 We are just waiting now for confirmation that the neighbour will give us access to her garden.

This afternoon, I had what was probably the best news of the week. Some time ago, there was a youth causing trouble in this area, and he just wouldn\’t take the hint, as a result someone else paid to have him permanently disappear, so we know it can be done.

Today I heard that the Elite of this area, who live further up the mountain have had enough with the incompetence of the Police, and they are going to pay to have all the thieves, drug dealers, etc. disappear permanently, I have no doubt that if they order it, that it will happen, there won\’t be a pile of bodies, they will just disappear overnight. I guess with my background, I should disapprove, but to be honest it would be a relief, I just hope that they don\’t take too long organising it.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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