Preparation For The Next Project

This morning, I headed off to town to buy in groceries, thinking wrongly, that the end of this week was Semana Santa, no it\’s next week, Oh Dear I am definitely losing the Plot, it doesn\’t help that we had a National Fiesta this last Monday, that threw me out to start with! Back home,Continue reading “Preparation For The Next Project”

What a Bummer!

Another early start, we were both in the pool by 6.30am, on our knees, grouting the floor, then I continued, whilst Marcela started cleaning and polishing, however we were to be outdone! Lunchtime came, and so did the Bug man, Marcela decided we needed the whole place fumigating, mainly to kill the infestation of cockroachesContinue reading “What a Bummer!”

I should have stayed in bed!

Yesterday morning, I acid brushed the new brick exterior garden wall, it was dry in minutes, then I gave it a coat of weather protection, I don\’t know whether it is the weather here, or the composition of the product, but that was dry in minutes, so then I varnished it, and it looked good.Continue reading “I should have stayed in bed!”

Long Days

We have got family coming to stay for Semana Santa next week, Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, and we still only have enough furniture for the two of us… So Maria Elena and Sandra will be on the blow up mattresses, not sure yet about Sebast! They will bring their own bedding. I just hopeContinue reading “Long Days”

A bit more activity.

Still been suffering with my back, so I made the decision, with a bit of prompting, to go and see an Acupuncturist, when I had prolonged problems back in the UK, I went, and I swear by them. Anyway yesterday we went into the City for the appointment, a very genial fellow, somewhat more rotundContinue reading “A bit more activity.”