Another Week Passed

There is not much to report, it has been an odd week, I seem to have been bobbing in and out on the Bike most days, mainly shopping, that is one of the disadvantages of being on a bike, it now comes down to buying our food, little and often! Pepe, seems to be improvingContinue reading “Another Week Passed”

The Cat is Out of The Bag!

It\’s been a non productive week on the whole, Wednesday I went to give blood for routine tests that came back normal, yesterday we went for Marcela\’s optician check up, fortunately no change, but with four years and the same specs, it was time for a new pair. We then went for lunch, and IContinue reading “The Cat is Out of The Bag!”

Gardening and Electrical Work

I started the day with some gardening, before the sun was high enough to singe my bonce! I cut the azulina and bougainvillea hedge, it has grown fast, at the weekend I will have to cut the other one on the roadside. That done it was time for something a bit petty, but it madeContinue reading “Gardening and Electrical Work”