It\’s been an unsual day today, it was the usual start, dogs walked, Marcela\’s breakfast prepared for her to take with her to work, and then sit down for an interview at 9am, I had been asked if I would take part in Research on British Expats in Colombia, the Researcher was a very niceContinue reading “Different!”

I\’m Still Here

Hi Guys, it\’s been a quiet few days, in as much as there has not really been anything worth writing about, that doesn\’t mean I have been sitting on my laurels, far from it. I have spent two days communicating back and forth between Spain and Ireland, over some financial matters that went haywire, butContinue reading “I\’m Still Here”

Taking Life a Little More Leisurely

After my last post, Marcela received a \’threatening\’ message from one of the Witches (sorry… Daughters) below, as they had heard our washing machine going, and run out to check on the water leak, and found it still leaking, she had also had a go about our hedge overgrowing their lane, and they would hackContinue reading “Taking Life a Little More Leisurely”

What a couple of days!

Yesterday, we took the car for it\’s first service at 9am, only to be told it wouldn\’t be ready until 3pm…six hours for a service!!!!!! it turns out they have lunch from 12-2pm, had we changed the day and gone for 8am, it would have been ready for midday. Off we went, we visited Hernan,Continue reading “What a couple of days!”