Using a New Tool!

Finishing the doorway will have to wait until the end of the week, the Mother in Law came to stay for her holiday yesterday, better than being in the house on her own, but she is on a health kick, and consequently we are to…if only I had known! 🙂

So to day, I decided that I would make a towel drying rack, which I could attach to the wall on the balcony, they will soon dry in this sun. I am making it out of 2×4, originally I was going to make it out of plywood and thick wooden dowel, as I had both, but decided that this was just as easy, and probably stronger.

I cut all the pieces, and then it was time to play, I bought a dado blade from the US last year, but have never got around to using it.

I think probably because they were illegal in the UK, I was wary of setting it up, but having used it, I can only think they were illegal there because the saw arbor did not cater for it, it is brilliant, saves so much time, I also got to use my home made table-saw dado insert!
Firstly I practised on some mahogany I wanted to use for picture framing, I had tried to cut rebates using my router about six months ago, and made a mess of it, fortunately I just put the wood to one side.

I know have the pieces ready for framing with 1/2\” x 1/2\” rebates.

That done it was on to the towel rack

Yes sir!!!! I am definitely a dado blade fan! and soon had my half lap joints cut.

The wall board, I decided to attach to the frame with mortice and tenon, The tenon was easy, no cutting involved, I am just inserting the towel frame into the wall board.

The mortice joints I marked by standing the frame on the board and marking around the \’tenons\’, I used a chisel to define the marks, before using a forstner bit to take the bulk of the waste out of the joint.

Then removing the rest with a chisel.

I tried the frame in the board to make sure it would fit, this was done whilst the frame was still clamped for the glue to dry.

fortunately it was a great fit, and no extra work was needed…for a change.

Before attaching the two pieces together, I sanded the whole piece, and then using my trim router, put a 1/2\” roundover on the support frame, to make it easier when draping a towel over the bars, making sure I stopped before the part used as a tenon.

I also drilled three holes with a forstner bit in the wall board, followed by a drill bit, to recess the wall mounting screws.

The mortice and tenons were then glued together, with an added screw from the back, after a final sanding.

A coat of stain

Once that is dry, I will give it two coats of clear marine varnish, before mounting it on the wall.

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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