A Table for Pépe

I won\’t go into a lot of detail, because I posted the build of the dog bowl table when I built Tito\’s, but yesterday, I decided it was time to build one for Pépe I cut out the parts, using Tito\’s table as a template to get the angles, with Pépe\’s bowl I established theContinue reading “A Table for Pépe”

Using a New Tool!

Finishing the doorway will have to wait until the end of the week, the Mother in Law came to stay for her holiday yesterday, better than being in the house on her own, but she is on a health kick, and consequently we are to…if only I had known! 🙂 So to day, I decidedContinue reading “Using a New Tool!”

Bedside Table Build

Today was a day of construction, things have gone together, but not as smoothly as I would have liked. There were a lot of pocket holes to be drilled, all on the inside, so none of them will be seen, those shown here, both attach the boards together, and also outwards, attach to the legs,Continue reading “Bedside Table Build”

Place Mats / Coasters

A long time ago, I made four place mats for the Dining table, but never got around to making the whole set. My original mats were made of laminated oak, but I always found them to be a bit thick, so as it was time to sand and re-oil them, I decided to run themContinue reading “Place Mats / Coasters”

Tito\’s Table!

I can\’t sit around doing nothing, so this morning decided to do a small project I have been putting off, and that was to make a \’dog table\’ for our second dog, he is a rescue dog, and struggles to eat because of a deformed jaw, due to abuse as a pup, as a resultContinue reading “Tito\’s Table!”

Cutting Circles

It\’s not often I have to cut circles, and when I do, they don\’t normally have to be that precise, but I am making a bench top disc sander, and the backing board need to be 99% circular. I have seen many options for Circle Cutting Jigs, from the very professional, to the quick andContinue reading “Cutting Circles”