Preparing to finish the Doorway!

Yesterday, I decided that to fill the space above the door, I would build a panel from 2×4, as in all timber this is not the \’real size\’ it is nearer to 3.5cm, or just over 9cm, as the door frame is 10cm, this is ideal.

I cut the pieces to length, leaving the small ends as one piece for now, because it is easier to work on the table saw, then down the centre of each frame piece, I cut a dado 1/4\” deep to accept a length of 2×4 on end, in essence making a wooden I-beam.

The trim, I have cheated and bought ready made, but so that it was the same colour as the panel, I bought natural timber trim.

Today I have given the panel and trim two coats of coloured varnish,  and then starting on the panel, given the visible surfaces a coat of clear marine varnish.

This is the time consuming part, waiting for each coat to dry, the trim might need a light sanding tomorrow, in which case, it will need another coat of coloured varnish before the clear.

I want to get this job totally finished this week, as I have a couple of other jobs to do, and I may be incapacitated again, I have got to go for an MRI scan on my knee, but the Specialist thinks I will have to have an operation, which will curtail my activities yet again.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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