Yes, my scrapwood challenge yesterday, was to make two mallets from some scrap mahogany I started off by cutting the handles on the bandsaw, because that would determine the size of the holes needed in the mallet head. That done, I moved on to the heads, which I was making from scrap 3\” x 3\”,Continue reading “Mallets!”

Using a New Tool!

Finishing the doorway will have to wait until the end of the week, the Mother in Law came to stay for her holiday yesterday, better than being in the house on her own, but she is on a health kick, and consequently we are to…if only I had known! 🙂 So to day, I decidedContinue reading “Using a New Tool!”

Drill Bit Storage

I haven\’t done any work for the last three days, I put my back out again, crawling around on my knees repairing the swimming pool surround, quite how I did it, I have no idea, but Saturday night, I thought it was as Doctor job, however Dr. Marcela worked her magic and I am gettingContinue reading “Drill Bit Storage”