Mirror frame

Things have been a bit quiet recently, mainly because time has been taken up with medical appointments. Marcela wanted a new mirror for her dressing room, a full length mirror, I thought the one she had was fine, but apparently bigger is better! So, out came the pine, and I cut some 2×4 in half,Continue reading “Mirror frame”

Photo Frame Production

Yesterday, I decided to finish the photo frames, that I have been meaning to make for months! I had them prepared from old reclaimed mahogany, the first time, I started on these, I tried to cut the rebate with my router, it was my fault, instead of taking numerous passes, I tried to do itContinue reading “Photo Frame Production”

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Yesterday, I went over to my Mother-in-Law\’s and finished fixing the trim to the new doorway, that\’s another job off the list, but it added another, because on her landing hangs a mirror! Last year I made a mirror for my Mother-in-Law, using reclaimed mahogany found lying in the garden, but over the year, itContinue reading “Mirror Mirror on the Wall!”

Using a New Tool!

Finishing the doorway will have to wait until the end of the week, the Mother in Law came to stay for her holiday yesterday, better than being in the house on her own, but she is on a health kick, and consequently we are to…if only I had known! 🙂 So to day, I decidedContinue reading “Using a New Tool!”

Failure turned to Success!

Following yesterdays post, I posted about the problems on a woodworking forum I moderate on, and the Boss…John Heisz, who is now a good internet woodworking friend, gave me some advice, and I decided to try it. Fortunately I hadn\’t binned the metal plate, so the first job was to cut the slot for theContinue reading “Failure turned to Success!”

Call Me \’Odd Job\’!

Today has been one of messing with smaller things, to get bigger jobs completed later. Firstly, I cleared all the building materials from the work area at the back of the house, so I am not tripping, when handling the new, or old glazed window,  also so that I can render our side of theContinue reading “Call Me \’Odd Job\’!”