It has been a slow week, I have had appointments that I needed to attend, therefore getting stuck into the rendering again, has not been an option, so what time I have had, I have used doing some general maintenance, I finished repairing the swimming pool wall, although I see my repair on the column doesn\’t appear to have worked, as a crack is already opening up where I cut and pointed, but for now I have sloshed some paint over it!

Other cracks are starting to show around the property, why I have no idea, I can only think that because we have had no rain for weeks now, that the ground is drying out, and things are moving, if it suddenly goes quiet on here, you know, that we are under a pile of rubble!

I took apart, my small bandsaw, that I bought when we were in the apartment. The motor, I want to use to create a shop made tool, possibly a disc sander, if it has enough power, which is doubtful. The inspection light from the same tool, I have made a wooden stand for, and converted it into a table lamp, for Marcela to use for her photography, and the rest of the bits, have been dismantled and put ready to use as spares, for whatever.

Tomorrow I have got to do some clearing out of our upstairs storeroom, ready for the Roofers who are coming Tuesday, amongst other thing to rip out the skylight, and make the roof watertight., I therefore doubt I will get started whilst they are here, Will I start Wednesday?  I haven\’t a clue, that is still a long way off.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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