Roof Repaired

Not my work I hasten to add, but essential, none the less,  the men arrived prompt at 8am, and worked through until 4pm without stopping, except for drinks, which in this heat was essential, fortunately for them, they did not have the added heat from direct sun, even so the humidity was oppressive.

Have they done a good job? I hope so, I have not been up there to look, and have no intention of doing so, I don\’t do heights, even though one of the men, said it was no different to working on ground level…I\’ll take his word for it! they have replaced all the broken tiles, fortunately I had a load stored behind the house, they have removed, boarded up and felted the skylight and inserted a corrugated fibre cement panel in it\’s place, Cleaned out all the guttering, and fixed the barge boards.

The finish from below looks good, the metal barge boards, finish it off, although painted black, they blend in, so are hard to see, at least we wont have to worry about tiles falling on our heads now.

They were very clean, and cleaned up after themselves, leaving me nothing to do, so I have asked them to quote for another job, we\’ll see how it goes.

Whilst they were doing that, I was in the workshop, constructing my disc sander. I have finished the mount that the motor sits in, the platform the mount stands on, and the base. Now I have got to cut a perfect circle for the sanding disc  in plywood,  and design and make a sanding rest to  sit whatever I am sanding on. I will post a photo once it is done.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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