Renovations begin!

We talked over the main jobs we wanted doing with Jaime, deciding that it was best to divide the work into projects, and quote for each, the idea being Jaime would quote for labour, giving us an approximate cost for materials, and then we would order the materials. We have learned from our mistakes, whenContinue reading “Renovations begin!”

This is Taking Longer than I Planned

This morning, after taking the dogs for a walk, it was time for work, in case we were blessed with a scorcher later! Firstly, I took the measurements required for the fillet to be inserted in the bottomĀ  of the rotten gazebo post, then before I did anything else, I went and bought ten sacksContinue reading “This is Taking Longer than I Planned”


Yes, my scrapwood challenge yesterday, was to make two mallets from some scrap mahogany I started off by cutting the handles on the bandsaw, because that would determine the size of the holes needed in the mallet head. That done, I moved on to the heads, which I was making from scrap 3\” x 3\”,Continue reading “Mallets!”

Place Mats / Coasters

A long time ago, I made four place mats for the Dining table, but never got around to making the whole set. My original mats were made of laminated oak, but I always found them to be a bit thick, so as it was time to sand and re-oil them, I decided to run themContinue reading “Place Mats / Coasters”

Failure turned to Success!

Following yesterdays post, I posted about the problems on a woodworking forum I moderate on, and the Boss…John Heisz, who is now a good internet woodworking friend, gave me some advice, and I decided to try it. Fortunately I hadn\’t binned the metal plate, so the first job was to cut the slot for theContinue reading “Failure turned to Success!”


It has been a slow week, I have had appointments that I needed to attend, therefore getting stuck into the rendering again, has not been an option, so what time I have had, I have used doing some general maintenance, I finished repairing the swimming pool wall, although I see my repair on the columnContinue reading “Update”