Ups and Downs

┬áLast Tuesday and Wednesday, Jaime and the gang installed our new Septic tank, not without it\’s own problems, they dug the hole in the location agreed, and then Jaime decided that if the old tank collapsed, it would damage the soak-away for the new tank, so they dug another hole on the other side ofContinue reading “Ups and Downs”

Continued Lockdown?

Work has continued at a pace this last couple of weeks. We rented scaffolding and as you will see in the following series of photos, the rendering has come on in leaps and bounds, through all weathers. No words needed to explain that, they are just getting on with the job! In the meantime, DubberContinue reading “Continued Lockdown?”

Plans have Changed

This will be a short update post, the Lads have almost finished grouting the living area, they have just got to finish off the Pantry and Broom cupboard. Unfortunately or otherwise, the Kitchen installer couldn\’t come to start the installation, because he was delayed on another job, due to the inclement weather, hopefully now heContinue reading “Plans have Changed”

The End of a Project

This morning, it was bright and sunny, Marcela was going out with her girlfriends for a late birthday celebration, so I decided to finish the work in my neighbours garden, and that entailed barrowing a lot of gravel from the Builders yard on one side of us, to her garden on the other side. IContinue reading “The End of a Project”

Preparation For The Next Project

This morning, I headed off to town to buy in groceries, thinking wrongly, that the end of this week was Semana Santa, no it\’s next week, Oh Dear I am definitely losing the Plot, it doesn\’t help that we had a National Fiesta this last Monday, that threw me out to start with! Back home,Continue reading “Preparation For The Next Project”