Watch out UK…Here we come!

Marcela had the best Birthday present she could have received today, she had a call before we went out this morning, to say her passport had arrived at a friends address ( They wont deliver Official post here to Veredas!), so on our way to the City, we stopped for her to pick it up, and sure enough they have issued Marcela\’s visa, they don\’t know what they have let themselves in for. So now starts the planning for our two week trip to the UK!!  Marcela has had a smile on her face, like the Cheshire Cat, all day, well nearly all day, until we had an incident this evening.

As I said we went into the City, both to complete some official paper registrations, and to look for those electric insect killer lamps, we walked miles, but no joy, I know they can be bought, and it looks as if I will have to resort to MercadoLibre.

We then went Mexican for lunch, a small place in the City, nothing to look at, but lovely food.

From there we headed to San Juan, Marcela had been there yesterday, and found a new Furniture Shop, that had blown her away, so she took me to see it, I can only describe it, as being a bit like Habitat (I\’m not sure even if Habitat still exists), those of you old enough to remember it, will know what I mean. They had some lovely reclining sofas and chairs, at lovely prices, but to be honest, the rest didn\’t light my fire!

I said Marcela had been there yesterday, and that was because there had been another problem with the car, we thought it was dropping oil, but when she arrived at her Uncles, he said it was diesel, and connected with the jets, having had these seen to at Hyundai, Marcela went there under the work warranty, but of course they said it was a pipe to the jets, and not the jets themselves, so she went back to Uncle, who said it was the washers from the pipe to the jets, and not the pipe itself, so he changed them, whilst Marcela went off and found the furniture shop.

We moved across the car park to Homecenter, what we would do without that place I have no idea, despite all it\’s faults, it still has most things, and today, it was a floating dressing table for the Vestier, before buying it, I priced up the materials to make one, but I could only just come under the price, so it made sense to buy it, along with a few other items.

Then diagonally across the car park to Jumbo (used to be Carrefour!) and did our food shopping, by the time we had finished time was marching on, and poor old Pépe had been on his own all day, even if he had free roam of the garden.

We patiently waded through the afternoon rush hour, and left the motorway to climb the mountain back home, when half way up, I looked in the rear view mirror, to check on a motorcyclist who was following us, I couldn\’t see him for smoke, I stopped, Marcela jumped out so fast, I didn\’t have time to speak, and clouds of smoke filled the car, came up from under the bonnet, as well as from underneath. The road was covered in diesel, as we waited for everything to cool down, Marcela rang her Uncle, because we would have to call a Grua (Breakdown wagon), he had finished for the day, so the car couldn\’t be taken there until morning, the car was full of shopping, what were we to do…

I was reasonably happy that the hose referred to by Hyundai, had now burst, and under stress, fuel was being pumped out onto hot pìpes, causing the smoke, thank goodness it is a diesel and not petrol. So I drove it home, leaving the car in the road, whilst placing a plastic sheet on the parking area, before driving in, even then I got diesel on the new cement, I then took a bucket of sand out and covered the diesel in the road. Marcela has arranged for a Grua to collect the car at 7am in the morning, and take it to Uncle\’s.

We then received a call to say that the interior doors for the house, would be arriving at 8am so they have time to fit them, I just hope the Grua has been and gone by then!

Not the best of endings for Marcela\’s Birthday, but I enjoyed the day, it was nice just to spend time together, and Pépe had been fine, although he got rather excited on our return.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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