Now it\’s down to us!

The day to day working with a team of workmen constantly here, ended today, Ramiro walked out of the gate just after mid-day, having finished the final job, creating a garden area alongside the road:

Looking better!

Now we have just got to find some earth to fill it! We have had a problem with people using our access as a parking area whilst going into the shop next door, the problem with this is that with constant use, the ramp will break up quicker, than if only ourselves and visitors use it,  so we have put up a no parking sign, it seems to have worked today, whether it continues remains to be seen.

I started the morning cleaning out the \’grease trap\’ digging it out into sacks, and putting it out at the side of the road, otherwise Pèpe would be scoffing it! Not a pleasant job, but it had to be done, after which I stripped off at the door, and jumped in the shower, and all my clothes went in the washer.
Bomb Crater!

The main septic tank is under the two wooden planks, the grease trap, is beyond that to the right, under the Mandarin tree, as you can see, we are not exactly blessed with top grade soil, most of it being rubble, and very little soil.

That finished, I started painting again, this time the outside of the workshop, I can only paint three sides, as the fourth is built up against the chain link fence, and of those I could only paint two, as Ramiro had to do a render repair to the third, which is now done.
Getting there!

Slowly but surely we are getting there… However tomorrow, I am taking the day off, and getting away before it drives me scatty.

Update:  We had a visit tonight from, I am not sure of her title, but the lady who deals with Community complaints, some Oik, from further up the mountain, had complained about the wall built for the exterior garden, saying it protruded out into the road, however I was able to satisfy the Lady, that it ran on our boundary, and prior to the wall, there were concrete blocks, many of which were broken, from the old Finca. She said she would speak with the complainant, and hopefully that will be that, we will just have to wait and see. If it had been a neighbour, we might have understood it, but someone not even close by…grrrrrr!

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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