Watch out UK…Here we come!

Marcela had the best Birthday present she could have received today, she had a call before we went out this morning, to say her passport had arrived at a friends address ( They wont deliver Official post here to Veredas!), so on our way to the City, we stopped for her to pick it up,Continue reading “Watch out UK…Here we come!”

We are ready for a holiday!

Yesterday, we didn\’t get to Hyundai, the Boss said he was busy, and either to call late afternoon or this morning. Marcela had phoned a Company in Medellin for me, as I was looking for a decent Band-saw (the one I have is chinese crap from Bauker, saying that, some of their other tools areContinue reading “We are ready for a holiday!”

More problems, not insurmountable!

I didn\’t sleep at all well last night, only getting about three hours, don\’t ask why, I have no idea! Last night we had found that whoever had been working on the car, had gone through all our belongings, I keep an emergency tool kit in a bag with all the legally required equipment toContinue reading “More problems, not insurmountable!”

Back in the Fray!

After a relatively relaxing week-end…well in comparison to the last two weeks, we started again this morning. Marcela rang Hyundai and informed them, that I had instructed that we would be arriving to collect the car, come what may, at mid-day! We then contacted the company making our metal doors, and told them to goContinue reading “Back in the Fray!”

Which way next?

This morning we were out on the Bike just before 9am, firstly we went and paid the deposit on the Kitchen, moving on from that, we stopped at a metal fabricators, to choose exterior doors. We have decided to stick with metal for the access doors from a security point of view. The main doorstairContinue reading “Which way next?”

Bike only for the time being.

Yesterday, Marcela arranged for our Urbanisation Swimming Pool Cleaner, to meet up with us, and go to see our Pool, the idea being, he would set it all up for us, and give Marcela lessons in maintenance. So late morning we set off, and went shopping to buy cleaning materials etc. for the house, weContinue reading “Bike only for the time being.”