Watch out UK…Here we come!

Marcela had the best Birthday present she could have received today, she had a call before we went out this morning, to say her passport had arrived at a friends address ( They wont deliver Official post here to Veredas!), so on our way to the City, we stopped for her to pick it up,Continue reading “Watch out UK…Here we come!”

Back to two wheels

Marcela left this morning for her UK visa meeting, it turns out she may be fine, there were five of six of them, and one was playing up, they were given time to make any corrections, which was a blessing, so Marcela changed the faults entered by the Intermediary, she then had to read offContinue reading “Back to two wheels”

Another fun filled day

This morning I was determined that I would get my Voip phone working again, and after about two hours messing, it suddenly registered, no idea how, or why there was a problem, I certainly can\’t take the credit for it, however before it went pear shaped again, I rang my Aunt in the south ofContinue reading “Another fun filled day”

A sign of normality!

This morning I continued what I started just as the light was going, last night,. and that was to put up a number of washing lines in the \’zona de ropa\’, I did this by putting two lengths of galvanized cable from the support posts across to the house wall, using cable stretchers, I managedContinue reading “A sign of normality!”