Watch out UK…Here we come!

Marcela had the best Birthday present she could have received today, she had a call before we went out this morning, to say her passport had arrived at a friends address ( They wont deliver Official post here to Veredas!), so on our way to the City, we stopped for her to pick it up,Continue reading “Watch out UK…Here we come!”

Slow start to 2014

There isn\’t much to report, I had not heard anything from Spain, until this morning, and that was because of the number of Public Holidays, the last of which was today, hopefully I will have some idea tomorrow, as to when I will receive the papers from the Spanish Notary, which will allow me toContinue reading “Slow start to 2014”

Another Year Underway!

It\’s been an odd week! the main Festivities over, but still \’The Kings\’ this week-end, although up until now it has been a rather sobre affair here. The Family don\’t bother with it, and although some of the Neighbours have had family gatherings, until this moment (7.50pm Sunday), there has been no problems with music,Continue reading “Another Year Underway!”