A Working Day!

Yesterday was written off, Marcela had a medical appointment on the other side of Medellin, mid morning, and being the first with this Specialist, I went for moral support, I was beginning to think she had been admitted, she was in so long. We then headed back to Niquia for lunch, before she went to work, and I headed home, arriving about 2.30pm.

This morning I was up early as usual, took the lads for their walk, had breakfast, and then started painting the kitchen, in all it only took me about two hours, thanks goodness for wall tiles! As you all know by now, I hate painting, but because I can do it, I won\’t employ anyone else to paint my own house.

It\’s looking a lot fresher now.  I\’ll give painting a rest for a week or so, then, it\’s time to paint the Dining room!

That done, I went out and cut the road side azulina hedge.

The outside part, I only cut the top, because I am going to try and get it to grow out across the verge, it may deter people from trying to mount our kerb, causing damage.

The swimming pool project, progresses very slowly, this morning I put up the rope, that will support the plastic cover sheet.

It is tied from the balustrade, to one of the gazebo corner posts, not dead center, but it should have the desired effect of allowing the rain water to run off, rather than into the pool area.

This afternoon, Marclea was feeling energetic, so is bailing out the last of the water. Tomorrow, all being well, we will cut the plastic sheet to size, and stick it back together with duct tape. It needs two people, as Marcela has decided to shut altogether for the holiday week-end, it is an ideal time to get this done, I just hope it works, and the wind doesn\’t rip it to bits.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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