The Hardest Part is Done!

Yesterday was painting, I stripped the walls of everything that was going to be in the way, and it certainly looked grubby! The only thing I wasn\’t moving was the DVR for the security cameras, I had taken down the monitor, I wasn\’t leaving myself without some coverage. I was about right in my assessment,Continue reading “The Hardest Part is Done!”

It never Rains but when it Pours

Today I finished painting the front and one side of the house, this should have been done months ago, and was really depressing me, but with all the construction near to us, it would have been a waste of time, it was no longer white, it was looking grey…not any more 😉 So, I amContinue reading “It never Rains but when it Pours”


Although there have been no posts for a week, that doesn\’t mean I have been putting my feet up! I have been doing maintenance work on the house, but nothing that was worth a post. Painting, gardening etc. all the mundane things we all have to do. Also winter is now here, which is goingContinue reading “Rendering…”

It took a day or two!

It has been a couple of days of ups and downs, it started with the downs, because Tito didn\’t want anything to do with Pépe, and was very jealous, if Pépe came anywhere near us, he went for him, and likewise feeding time, poor old Pépe didn\’t stand a chance! By Friday things were gettingContinue reading “It took a day or two!”

Painting finished…For now!

Not much to report today, we were both up early, and painting before the sun came up, however we had to continue once the sun arrived, as we wanted it finished. Once I had finished, I continued with my fencing, to create a wooden privacy screen so that at least some of the green materialContinue reading “Painting finished…For now!”