It\’s very quiet…

I think I\’ve gone deaf!!! I can\’t hear a thing, just a few birds singing, and the odd passing vehicle, no music, no women shouting to each other, and no child screeching, even \’Father Murphy\’ has gone quiet (although I am sure he has not finished for the day yet!) the problem is, I was becoming used to it after four days.

Marcela has taken the family home, and I have been doing some tidying up, not that there is any more than usual, the family are very good at clearing up before they leave.

I spent this morning finishing the painting of the outside of my workshop, the house side, and security reja,

Workshop finished

It is not very obvious from this photo, but the reja was fitted lop sided, and since painting it, and the wall, it has become noticeable, I just know that is going to bug me, if I see a crooked picture I straighten it.

Having finished work, I finally made my first visit into the pool, it has warmed up considerably, I haven\’t got a photo but one was taken, if I get a copy I will post it, to prove it, although I fear it will show up first on FB.

Maria Elena prepared a lovely lunch of smoked frijoles and chicharon prepared outside, she wasn\’t very happy when she asked for more wood, and I sawed some up for her, only for her to find that it had been the support for the septic tank top…
I then went for a siesta, I was flaked. When I came back down, the tidying up was being done.
So now the workshop is functional, I must get on with some work, I need some more storage in there, but there is sufficient for me to be getting on with. I have my lucky horseshoe above the door.
Lucky Horse Shoe

I found it in the road a couple of weeks ago, gave it a lick of paint and screwed it up, making sure, it can\’t come loose in the future and go the other way up.

My Platanos are growing nicely, much to Marcela\’s disgust, she had secretly arranged with one of John\’s men to destroy them, but back they have come, and this time, Pépe has not had a chew. 

However I will keep to my promise, which is to just have one plant, so I must choose which one to keep, before Marcela tries another assassination attempt on them.

The biggest job now is to get the lids made for the Septic Tanks;
Two tanks, no lids

The quote we had for the metalwork, was ridiculous, so we are waiting for John to come up with something else, hopefully this week, as you can see, they have been built up to ground level, so there will be no trouble finding them again.

The other job, I hope to get done, or at least get started this week, is the supporting posts for the Balcony, I have the metalwork, I have the posts and the ingredients for concrete, I just need the energy to get going.
Tomorrow, I am following Marcela, she is taking the car to Hernan\’s, and I will follow at a sedate pace on the bike, so not much work will get done. I\’m not sure how long we will be without the car, but it will be a few days at least, so the bike will have to earn it\’s keep.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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