Still got the car!

Marcela left home a few minutes before me this morning, in a two litre car, I then left on my 150cc bike, and surprise…I arrived at Hernan\’s first by about five minutes, it appears we both took the same route, but neither saw the other. It was a pleasant run, the sun was out, but it was not too hot.

Hernan took the car for a run with Marcela, and try as they might, they could not get the car to misbehave, so Hernan\’s advice was to leave it be for the time being, if the problem gets worse then he will deal with it, however he thinks that maybe it is that Marcela has not got used to the new clutch, we will just have to wait and see.

Marcela then went off in one direction and myself in another, I had to go and buy some toner for the printer, there is a Shopping Centre here, devoted to Electronics, (Computers of all sizes / cameras / audio equipment) things are much cheaper than going elsewhere, anyway, I found it with no problem, and found what I was looking for, which was more to the point.

From there I headed back to Copacabana, and bought my Caterpillar shoes, ready for trudging around the UK, I must bed them in before I go, otherwise I will be suffering from blisters, however they are very comfortable, and hopefully will do the job required of them.

Back home, and the weather was changing, I could hear thunder in the distance, and there were spots of rain, my first job was to sort out the Platano plants, and that has been done, there is now only one, and woe betide anyone who chops that down!

To ensure Marcela did not give me earache, I then prepared my poor man\’s lunch, of rice and scrambled egg, it is convenient, only taking ten minutes to prepare.

Then it was time to get started on the pantry shelving, seeing how the sky was turning, I took most of the tools I would need down to the house, it was a good job I did, because we then had a tropical storm, Pépe was not happy at all, he loves water, but hates rain…strange! He would tear out barking, when he heard anything, then come running back, hit the tiles inside the entrance door, and skid into the kitchen, in the end the floor was a mass of mud.

I have  got all the wooden shelf supports fitted on one wall, I will do the second wall tomorrow, and then paint both the walls and wood with white emulsion, before fitting the OSB shelves, weather allowing, I am hoping that Marcela can help me with cutting the sheet into a manageable size, I will then cut it down to fit.

I had warned Marcela about the weather at home, so she went off to see another Client, unfortunately the storm headed in her direction, so she was delayed still further, and did not get home until 7pm, but she had called at Fedex for me to collect my International Driving Permit, at least now I will have no problems using my Colombian License in the UK, I can\’t fault the company I used in the States, from application to delivery, seven days, and half the price that I would have paid, if I had obtained it in Colombia.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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