Busy Week

Firstly, I finished revamping the coffee table in record time, having changed the edge of the table from a roundover to a chamfer, has made it look quite modern, surprising how little things can make such a difference, and the darker Oak colour is an improvement as well. That done it was time to getContinue reading “Busy Week”

Have I Been Sitting Back and Resting?

Whilst all this building work has been going on, you might think I have been sitting back and Lording it!  Not a bit of it, there is plenty to be done. We have a large garden to tend, there are 50+ Avocado trees, Platano (cooking bananas), Banana Bocadillo (small sweet bananas), Mandarins, Lemons (Not yellow sourContinue reading “Have I Been Sitting Back and Resting?”

Still got the car!

Marcela left home a few minutes before me this morning, in a two litre car, I then left on my 150cc bike, and surprise…I arrived at Hernan\’s first by about five minutes, it appears we both took the same route, but neither saw the other. It was a pleasant run, the sun was out, butContinue reading “Still got the car!”

It\’s very quiet…

I think I\’ve gone deaf!!! I can\’t hear a thing, just a few birds singing, and the odd passing vehicle, no music, no women shouting to each other, and no child screeching, even \’Father Murphy\’ has gone quiet (although I am sure he has not finished for the day yet!) the problem is, I wasContinue reading “It\’s very quiet…”